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Falling down sucks

I work nights so I basically NEVER get up early. But today I decided to get up and be productive. MH and I went out to run some errands together and our first stop was HR at my work (hospital) to get my FMLA papers. I got about 5 feet from the car, somehow twisted my ankle on the curb and fell on my side in the freaking parking lot. 

Since we were literally at the hospital I went right over to OB triage. I was a crying mess. The baby was monitored for several hours, they did an ultrasound to look at the placenta and did some bloodwork to see if I needed more Rhogam (I didn't). I spent about 5 hours at the hospital on an uncomfortable stretcher. Baby and placenta are both looking good. She is moving normally and I have my doppler here for reassurance. My ankle, OTOH, has had better days. It's huge and blue. :( I am so done with getting up early. It's back to a night schedule for me!



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  • I'm sorry about the fall! DH just got his cast taken off after breaking his ankle, slipping in a parking lot also.

    Good to hear that your LO is doing well!

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  • Ouch I'm sorry.  I'm glad LO is doing well.  Rest that ankle.
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  • Ugh, I hope your ankle feels better and so glad the baby is ok.  I fell around 7 months and tore up my knee so bad I couldn't wear a dress to my shower and just thought why fall now when it could do so much damage. 
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  • Glad LO is okay, sorry about your ankle! 
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  • Thanks guys. I passed out on my couch right after I posted - it was a stressful day! I still can't believe I did this! Baby still seems ok though. I am so happy I have a doppler. At the hospital they didn't even look at my ankle, unfortunately, so I guess I'll have my PCP take a look at it in the morninig and prob. give me a note for work. I am barely mobile. :(
  • That sounds so scary!  I'm so sorry for you and your LO that you had to go through this.  I hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful.
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