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Doctors visit today...

Hi Ladies,

So I previously posted about being 44 days late and wondered what the heck was going on with that. I had my doctor appt. today and it went...fine I guess. Although I feel like I know just as much as I did before I went in, nothing. First off, my doctor didn't even know what I was there for. I feel like for as many questions as her assistant asked me on the phone when I made the appt. it should have or would have been noted in my chart, but nope. Anyway...I did a urine test and then had to get bloodwork done for a list of different things. So...basically...I STILL don't know what the heck is going on.

On a different note, I couldn't help but feel irritated and ugh! in the waiting room when I was sitting by a pregnant woman and her boyfriend. Not only was this couple 30 min. late for their appt. (and got in before me)., but the boyfriend was wearing slippers and this clearly pregnant woman was looking through her purse and pulled out cigarettes while she was digging for something else. I am hoping that she was holding them for her boyfriend, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were hers. They smelled horribly of smoke. I can't help but be like, really? really?

Anyway...just had to vent.

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Re: Doctors visit today...

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    Im sorry, that doesn't like much fun but hopefully you will get some answers soon!
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    I'm sorry, well at least you should be getting the blood work back soon. If it's any consolation I didn't have mine for 7 months... they still don't know why, guess it just runs in the family.

    Did you complain to the front desk? Or mention anything to the doctor about the couple? Poor baby... Some people have it so easy getting pregnant, while others have a hard time. That's irritating.

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