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Which date to use?

So I keep going back and forth and want your advice.

Should I use my LMP date or my "O" date? I use the O date loosely because of the dotted CH and the uncertainty that that was when I actually O'd. 

Your thoughts/take?

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Re: Which date to use?

  • At the moment I'd go with your O date, but once your doctor gives you an ultrasound and/or an official EDD, I'd go with that one.  It makes life a world easier if you and your doctor are on the same page about your EDD.
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  • I'd go by O date but your drs office will only use LMP until they date your progress with a sonogram.
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  • I'm using my O date... especially since I O'd so late. I'm hoping that when I see my doctor that it'll be the same also.

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