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Painful, awful gas... help!

For the past couple of days I've had extremely painful gas (I know it's gas, not any other kind of cramping - I'm sure about this).  It's so bad that I've been doubled over at times, squirming in my chair, and last night it woke me from a sound sleep and kept me up for a couple hours.

I didn't deal with this when I was pregnant with DS, I've got no clue how to prevent this or fix it when it happens.  Any ideas?

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Re: Painful, awful gas... help!

  • Suprisingly, Tums helps my gas a lot. I also make sure to "work my legs" like we did with DD when she was a baby. (Lay on your back and pretend to be pushing off a wall with your feet.) I hope it goes away soon!
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  • Ha, I lay in bed last night on my back and totally bicycled my legs - remembering that we did that for DS when he was tiny.  It did help a little!
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  • If you're still able to do it, the teenager on the phone position (lie on your stomach with your head in your hands and your feet up) can be really helpful at moving it down far enough to expel.  I also started eliminating certain things from my diet to figure out what was really getting me the worst so I could avoid it!
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  • Laying on my tummy used to help but now itvis becoming more difficult. I hope u feel better
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