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IF or T-TTC Posters please come in

If I were to start participating on those boards, should I intro? Or just start posting? Most of them probably know who I am, and many of them probably don't like me, but I figure it's worth a shot. I need to learn more about this whole process, because my uterus is still barren and I need to do something before all my eggs are used up.

Re: IF or T-TTC Posters please come in

  • I would do an intro, just seems like good manners ya know?

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  • i'll vouch for you on IF.  if they even know me over there anymore.
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  • I think an intro would be nice!
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  • I think an intro would be nice. Honestly, I loved IF until they had a pretty harsh post complaining about people getting pg. I took some things to heart even though I shouldn't have but I did.

    I am the mod on 3T, so I can definitely vouch for you there, but don't know too many people there anymore. There was such an influx of newbs that I can't keep up!

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  • I never intro. Then again I'm a board whore so I never really stay one place too long.
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  • IF is basically my home board.  I can vouch for you.

     PS: the password is "estradiol".

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  • I don't really 'belong' anywhere, but I know you from my lurking (I love your eye for the knitting patterns you've been using!)  I've tried to intro & will answer if I see you on TTTC.  GL :)
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