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Dangerous Glider Trapped Baby and I

I also posted this on 3rd trimester but I wanted to post this here to warn people about the glider that I have in my DH nursery.  Night before last I was sitting in it with my 3 week old.  I had just gotten her to fall asleep so I went to stand up with her.  When I did the WHOLE glider tipped over forward and trapped me underneath with the baby.  Thank goodness we weren't hurt but I had to yell for help from my DH who was downstairs at the time.  I was worried that if I tried to move it, it would really hurt the baby or myself.  I want to make sure that no one buys this glider for their baby. I have contacted the maker and it is being returned this week.  It's soooo dangerous.  

 It's the Carter's Glider manufactured by Summer Infant.  It was purchased at Babies R Us.  It's white with sage green cushions.  The Babies R Us item number on my receipt is 426222.

I would not advise anyone to use this glider!  It tips veryyyyy easily!!!  

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Re: Dangerous Glider Trapped Baby and I

  • Thanks for posting this! I'm so glad you and LO are ok!
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  • Sounds scary! Glad you guys are OK.
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  • If you had your glider on carpet, then it's totally insane that it would flip, but if it has a wood base against a wood floor, not so insane. If it's wood on wood, you probably need to have a rug with a non slip bottom underneath it, or add some non slip strips to the bottom of it. We bought the IKEA Poang instead of a glider and it flipped on me (luckily, before LO was born), but I hadn't put it on a rug or anything. I didn't consider that to be a faulty product.. I shouldn't have put wood against wood and expected it to stay in place.



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