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Update: Ultrasound in about an hour - Blood pocket?

So everything went pretty well. I saw the sac and a very tiny baby. :) We also saw something else. It looked like a second sac, and the doctor said he wasn't going to rule it out because I am so early, but he thought it was actually a pocket of blood. He asked if I had any bleed, which I haven't, and then said he wouldn't be surprised if I do at some point. Then he said not to let them do anything to me at the ER that would involve scrapping out a baby. LOL! 

Anyways, this second sac-like thing didn't have a bunch of lining around it like the baby did so I am guessing it is not a second.  

Has anyone else had things happen like this with pockets of blood? I know some people have had hematomas (sp?) that have popped and they have bleed a lot. My doctor said I could expect like a gush of blood if it does happen to pop, and he also wants to watch it because he doesn't want it to get bigger.

Also, he is having me go to another specialist for my Killer Cells tomorrow. Hopefully I will get home before the blizzard starts, but I would drive through Antarctica if it meant keeping this baby.  

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Re: Update: Ultrasound in about an hour - Blood pocket?

  • I'm so glad everything went well! 

    I have no idea on the hematoma, other than I did develop one later after part of my placenta pulled away.  It did come out in a gush.  I didn't know that the placenta had pulled away, so it scared the heck out of me.  I have heard though that some ladies have their bodies reabsorb the hematomas with no bleeding, so there is the possibility of that.  Some just spot for a while. 

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  • Thank you for your input. I've heard that too. Secretly in my head I am still hoping maybe it will be a second baby. LOL! My mom is actually a twin and my grandma had two sets. Realistically, I know it is more likely the blood blob he said it is. I have another ultrasound next Wednesday so we will see what happens if I don't start bleeding by then.  

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