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UPDATE: Thinking about going in

So I wrote yesterday that I was thinking about going into the dr. today due to what I considered pretty severe cramping (which I haven't had today).

Well I did. I went to my old dr. because my new one couldn't see me today (which ain't a good start for her!). We didn't see anything on the ultrasound which made me want to vomit but she didn't seem concerned at all at this point. She wants to see me in two weeks but I also have an appt with my new dr in 1 week Big Smile. Gotta figure that one out. So I could be earlier on than I think because I got this BFP shortly after my miscarriage so I have no idea when my body decided to ovulate. Anyways, figured I'd update you ladies. Thanks for your input on my last post!

P.S. She thinks my previous cramping was just dehydration...which is a possibility.

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