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Transitioning from EP to EBF with 2 wk old... advice needed!

My baby was born at 37w 4d and had difficulty latching. My LC told me to pump and feed and once we got closer to her due date she may get better at latching. She went from 5lb6oz when we left the hospital to 7lb1oz at her 2 week check up!

I pump every 3 hrs and try to get her to latch once or twice/day as recommended by the LC. She usually just falls asleep or sucks without swallowing. Well she is 2 weeks 3 days today- it's her due date. I'm pretty sure we just had a successful latching because I could hear her swallow from time to time. She was on for about 45 min total b/w the 2 boobs. 

Should I still give her the pumped bottles at every other feeding? I'm afraid to switch to EBF and have her drop in weight.... I'm pumping the excess now and getting quite a bit. She seemed satisfied though and is sleeping now... 

Anyone have experience with this? 

All advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: Transitioning from EP to EBF with 2 wk old... advice needed!

  • ::comes out of lurking::

    While I don't have personal experience with this situation, here is my $.02.

    First, I would be trying to latch baby on for every feeeding session, not just once or twice a day. (Actually, I'm curious why the LC recommended only once or twice per day.)

    Second, (and this is from personal experience. J. had weight gain issues when he was just a few weeks) do not rely just on the sound of swallowing. Babies make all kinds of noises when eating. I would be watching to see the swallowing.

    Third, after latching and letting baby eat (or if baby doesn't latch), you can try a bottle. Actually, while a bottle *may* be easiest, you could also finger feed or cup feed (don't pour into baby's mouth...let baby lap the expressed milk like a kitten).
    If you want other options check out Dr. Newman's book. I think it's called the Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers. Baby will definitely let you know if she is still hungry.


    ::goes back to lurking as she waits for the real experts to weigh in::

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  • I switched at 3-4 weeks. For the first while I offered 1-2 oz after BF to ensure she got enough (she would normally take 3). We were having frequent weight checks, and once she passed birth weight I stopped offering the supplement and she's been doing amazing. You could check if your LC or pedi can do weighted feeds to see how much LO is getting. Definitely keep trying!
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  • I don't have experience with this, but it sounds like you're on the right track.  I would put baby on the breast everytime baby is hungry.  Offer that first.  Good Luck!
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  • Thank you, both. The LC recommended I try a couple times/day because my baby was born a couple weeks early and was small. She said the main thing was to feed baby and get my supply going and we would worry about latching later. Later has arrived and I really, really want to EBF my baby! I'm so determined to do this- I just hope baby is, too!

    The LC did offer for me to do the weight checks. I think I will see how the BFing goes the next day or so and then schedule one. I will also try offering her some BM from the bottle after she feeds to make sure she is getting something for now. I'm waiting on my LC to call me back and I'll ask her if she agrees...

    Thanks again!


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