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Pregnant after a Loss

anyone get pg BEFORE first AF?

I know it's generally not recommended, but it does not seem that there is any actual evidence (case studies, etc) on why docs recommend waiting a month or more.  A friend of mine is an OB just said "that's just what we've always told patients".

Anyway, I have no idea if I'd even want to be pregnant again so soon, but I am curious if anyone got pregnant before their first post-miscarriage AF?  

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Re: anyone get pg BEFORE first AF?

  • I know a lot of women have.   I myself had a D&C and my doctor recommended we wait two cycles, his explanation was that AF would help thicken the uterine lining and give the embryo/fetus a better chance of health and survival.
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  • I am in my 2WW right now. I miscarried Dec. 26th - 31st and have yet to get AF yet. I had a positive OPK on 1/22 and I'm waiting to see now if I am pregnant.

    I have heard a lot of women that have gotten pregnant straight away with no AF, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up.

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  • I did. I wasn't trying to get pregnant after my m/c either, but I wasn't really taking precautions either. My doctor said I could try when I was ready. I didn't realize I was going to get pregnant before even having a cycle. Even though I have heard of it happening in the past. All in all though, I am glad that I did get pregnant again.
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  • I did with my third loss. I wish I had waited.
  • I have heard it go both ways. Some bad some good. I think that it depends on how long pregnant, if you had a D&C, and other factors. I got pregnant sooner than reccomended after D&C last time and it did not go well for me but that is not to say that others would not have a better outcome.
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  • Thanks for the replies ladies, it's nice to hear some "real world" examples.

    GL to all of you!

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  • I didn't but my doctor had me wait three cycles.  Her reasoning was that if you leave any rough spots in your uterus from the miscarriage (I had a natural one), the cycles would take care of it.  She said that babies tend to implant on rough spots and that if the problem with the first pregnancy was an issue such as lack of nutrition or something else caused by that one spot and the next pregnancy implanted there, you'd likely have the same issue again.
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  • I am 18w1 day and got pregnant before my first AF. I wasn't supposed to, obviously. It was a heat-of-the-moment-we-drank-too-much-wine type of thing. But so far our LO is looking very healthy. 
  • I only know a hand full of people who have good outcomes without waiting a cycle. Everyone is different, but if your doctor told you to wait I think it would be a good idea to follow his/her advice. It's only one cycle (if that's what you were told). It's not that long.
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  • I did. After my first loss I got pregnant again (with my OB's blessing) before my next AF. I lost that baby as well, and have always wondered if my body wasn't ready to sustain another pregnancy yet. :(
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  • My second loss was a very early loss: a C/P. My RE gave me the OK to cycle right away, and it resulted in this PG.

    However, for a later loss (like my first one), I wasn't even given the OK to have sex again until 3 weeks later.

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  • My first m/c was a very early one and I conceived my DS three weeks later.  No problems with the pregnancy.
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  • I did. Everythings going well so far. I got 2 dating ultrasounds but otherwise my care has been the same.
  • I did.  My doc said there was no reason to wait.  See DD in siggy Smile

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