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1) I love that you have tickers for your crew on your blog.  And on that note - doing anything fun for Ninja's big 0-1?

2) Polo!

My first haircut!

Severe MFI - on to IVF w/ ICSI

IVF#1-2: BFN
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Re: Mandy

  • I love those tickers. There was a girl on go who posted something about trying to find dog tickers and people went ape shoot and couldn't believe she was going to put tickers in her sig or her three or four dogs. I of course saw that am immediately went out and got some for my crew.

    I don't know that we'll do anything for Ninja. We've never really celebrated their birthdays. Give me a couple more years of IF and I'll be sending out invitations and renting ponies.

    ha! Thanks. I was in the yard the other day and I called out to him and thought "how funny would it be if someone was walking by and thought I said Marco and called out Polo. Oh my god that would be awesome."
    Fuuck TTC - I'm moving on.
    "It's a child, not a cheeto" Thanks mmariluh!
    "Ew. I've read all of two posts from you, and you stink like rotting garbage."
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