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Baby not gaining weight!! :(

Three weeks ago my son was 10. 8, and now at 8 weeks, he is only 10.10

The doctor seemed concerned and said to only pump for a week to gauge what he is consuming. I dont understand what happened and why he would stop gaining. He has plenty of wet, poopie diapers, eats til he is full, and seems content. at first he was agining weight like a mad man, and now i am in shockl. i am also nervous of having to pump for a week, as what if he wont go back to nursing.

Anyone experience this or have words of wisdom. i am just feeling down now.

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Re: Baby not gaining weight!! :(

  • I would contact an LC and see if you can do some weight check feedings.  This will give you an idea of how much LO is getting at a feeding.  It could be that the scale was off or some other fluke.  If you do ump for every feeding I would use the slowest flow nipple your bottle makes.  If they have a preemie nipple even better.  that way your LO still has to work a little to get the BM. 
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