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I'm so tired & sleepy

H is away training & has been for the last 4 months. Although I miss him its been ok for me because I've been keeping myself busy with family, work, & the LO. My DS is starting to sleep well at night now & only gets up one time to eat at night so I'm loving that. However I think b/c its been 3.5 months (ds is 3.5 mths.) since I've gotten a full night of sleep I'm starting to feel really tired during the day especially at work. I'm a teacher & today I can hardly keep my eyes open. It's a little draining right now trying to be super wife & Mom. I stay positive when H calls, constantly send letters, cards, & treats for him & 20 other AD soldiers training with him. When I'm not doing that I am caring for LO. When LO is sleeping I'm playing or giving attention to our dog who we have spoiled to death. Then there is working F/T. I'm just tired all the way around & could really use a little me time. Even if its just allowing me a 2 hr. nap. My family is 2 hrs. away & they help me by watching DS one weekend a month but that is usually spent catching up on laundry, groceries, cleaning, etc. We won't join DH for a few months. We haven't moved to our Pds yet so really can't take advatage of the support system there. I have a friend that wants to help but I look at her child & he is very disrepectful to adults, doesn't listen, walks on furniture with shoes at others house, answers what, & talks back. I don't think I want my son around that. I am so inlove with my son especially with him being my first & becuase he is still young & small he is still very demanding of my time & attention. We go to bed at 11:00pm up for a feeding at 4:00am until 4:45 & then up again to get dress & start the day @ 6:15am. If I put LO down before 11 he's up twice during the night instead of once. So I get a total of 5.5 hrs. of sleep every night. I feel like I burning on fumes right now. I know this is long but just wanted to vent a little.
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Re: I'm so tired & sleepy

  • 1. I feel you. Some days I feel like coffee and willpower are the only things that keep me from dropping to the floor in the middle of the grocery store. 

    2. Let your friend help you out by watching him for a few hours every now and then. If she is indeed a bad parent, it's not like she'll have him enough for it to have any effect on him. And unfortunately you're going to have friends/acquaintances in your life that are bad parents, and you're either going to have to let your child be around theirs every now and then, or become a hermit.  You just discipline your child how you feel is appropriate, and make it clear to them that even though Little Johnny is allowed to jump on the couch or say bad words, it is not ok for them to do it too. Besides, you still have a while before you have to worry about your son picking up bad behaviors, so take advantage of the babysitting while you can.

    3. Get a Keurig.  ;)

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  • NSLNSL member

    Your baby is three months old.  Unless you feel he'd be unsafe with your friend, let her babysit him for a couple of hours if you're that desperate for some downtime.

    And yes, coffee.  Drink it. 

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  • 1. We all understand! Having DH gone SUCKS no matter how many times you go through it, especially with a LO. Hang in there!

    2.  You sound like you need more sleep.  Ask LO's doctor about maybe adding a little rice cereal to your son's night time feeding.  If he is getting up multiple times (when you put him down before 11pm) hungry, maybe this will help.  That usually works.  I've been in daycare with newborns for over five years and have tons of experience with kids and their families.  LO might sleep better if his tummy is full and then you can get those few extra hours in that you need! 

    3.  I must agree with the other ladies.... if you trust your friend not to physically harm LO, let her watch him.  You'll have plenty of time to make sure LO learns his manners once he actually starts talking and walking and all of that fun stuff :)

     Good luck! 

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