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whats the difference?

In Hypnobirhting and Hypnobabies?

and can i do either one while in a tub for a water birth?

i feel dumb asking these questions 

Re: whats the difference?

  • Don't feel dumb.  I know hypnobabies is a self taught course with CD's.   Hypno-birthing is a class you actually attend.  I have not studied both, just hypnobabies so I am not totally sure the actual differences in philosophy, but they both use hypnosis for relaxation during childbirth, so I am guessing they are incredibly similar.  A lot of areas don't have hypnobirthing classes around so I think a lot of women use Hypnobabies because it is an at home thing.  I think that is the basic difference.    
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  • First let me say that I LOVED hypnobirthing, you are making a great choice!  I don't know much about hypnobabies, but I think they are pretty similar.  You can do hypnobirthing anywhere you want, including in water :)  

    Just as a side note, I would make sure you bring headphones.  It really helps to keep you focused, especially if you have a vocal neighbor!   

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  • I basically googled hypnobirthing vs. hypnobabies, and read some of the differences between the two. You may want to do this to see which would be a better fit for you. The maker of hypnobabies is familiar with both the Bradley Method and Hypnobirthing. I felt like I was getting something more comprehensive with hypnobabies and have just gotten started with the course. I love it so far.
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  • From what I understand, the maker of  Hypnobabies was originally involoved in Hypnobirthing but then branched off on her own.

    It's not true that you have to attend a class to do Hypnobirthing. There is a book, 2 CDs, a website, and a ton of youtube videos you can use to study and practice at home. (Although there are classes available out there)

    I think that they are pretty similar with some different relaxation techniques that are specific to each. There is a ton of info out there about each if you google.


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