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Infant Asthma

Okay so I'm here lurking from the 2nd tri board, but I was trying to see if there were any mothers out there who have a LO that has already developed asthma at this age... My DH has asthma and we wanted to be sure we were able to catch it quickly if our DS happens to develop it once he's born... Our main questions are:

1) When did you notice your LO had asthma?

2) What treatments are you using to help?

3) What were the signs/symptoms that you noticed?

4) What are some tips you would give?


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Re: Infant Asthma

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    Neither DS has asthma, but I have it and I'm watching for it like you are. 

    I did want to say that DS#2 had bronchial pneumonia just after Thanksgiving.  For a while afterward he wheezed and we gave him breathing treatments with an asthma medicine every night for almost two months.  Breathing treatments with a baby are not so fun, but much easier of you are able to do it while they are drowsy or asleep.  The doc feels his lungs are stronger now, so we've stopped the treatments and he is fine.  But I'm still watching him like a hawk.  :)

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    My Asthma has always been quite severe, so we've been on the lookout for signs in DD. So far so good.

    I was born with Pneumonia and diagnosed within my first week. We were told when I was pregnant that yes it can develop at any time but if she makes it to three months it probably won't be as bad as mine if she were to get it at all.

    Listen to your LO breathe, especially if (s)he's a mouth breather. Listen for wheezing and/or congestion. When LO is calm (not having a crying fit), make sure (s)he can easily catch his/her breath.

    Infant "treatments" are not fun so I hope we don't have to go there. I was in the hospital on and off because of my Asthma when I was born. As a toddler, my mom had to make me wear a mask that connected to a big blue machine that cleared my airways. Once I started school, I took (and still take) a puffer three times a day. If and when I have an attack, it turns into three puffers three times a day.

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    My DS is 8 and has brittle asthma.  He was diagnosed with asthma at age 3 and brittle asthma at age 6. 

    Our asthma specialist says it is very hard to accurately diagnose an infant with asthma because 1.  they cant tell you what symptoms they are having and 2. because their lungs and airway are small many babies sound like they are wheezing (which is why some say you outgrow asthma...which you do not outgrow it...if you 'outgrow' it you probably were not a true asthmatic)

    signs to watch for:  coughing at night when LO is not sick, wheezing not associated with a cold, poor feeding (labored breathing during eating) 

    treatments:  they can prescribe the same asthma meds that kids/adults use to DS is on singulair, advair (both maintenance meds) xopenex (rescue inhaler) albuterol (for nebulizer treatments) and he gets allergy shots weekly

    tips: if you think your LO has asthma take them to an allergy asthma specialist...the specialist can do tests in office to make a more accurate diagnosis

    My DS had asthma since birth but his pediatrician did not diagnose him, a specialist did at age 3....which is why i recommend going to a specialist...his asthma is called brittle asthma and it is rare and is more likely to be fatal....i even own a machine to measure the oxygen saturation in his blood which is measure during an attack (not many people need to do this)

    hope this helps....

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