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Hey everyone - I need some DS is 3 months and I have been EP'ing since birth...I am trying to wean him to formula..I started today with 1 ounce enfamil infant with 3.5 ounces bm (he usually eats 4.5 oz bm)....he has bennn extremely fussy all day...his first bottle he spit it out an refused to eat...and now he has been screaming after the other bottles...what should I do????? should I switch to similiac and mix it with bm (as I did today) to see if that is better? Do I tough it out with the enfamil for a few more days to see if he improves?? Or should I try enfamil gentlease??? Sorry this is long but I already feel guilty about stopping pumping and now I feel even worse that he is soo un happy!! thanks for listening!!!

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    My pedi suggested to start with a "sensitive" or gentle formula because it's digested more like breastmilk.   I had a sample of similac sensitive so that's what we've been using.  DS does spit up more with formula than with breastmilk but he never seems uncomfortable or refuses it.

    Honestly, I would say you should call your pedi for advice first because I'm not sure if you should give the formula a few days first or switch right away.

     Don't feel guilty! You're doing everything you can to make sure he's getting everything he needs Smile

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    I did just that with DD#1.  You have to give a formula switch a good week before trying something else.  He will probably become a bit constipated and maybe a little gassy too.  Adding a little at a time to the BM bottle is the best way to do it.  It took me several days to wean her completely.  Good for you for making it 3 months EP.  It is hell.
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    We started with just a 1/2 oz of formula mixed with BM for a few days, and then SLOWLY increased the amount. DS spit up more for awhile, but now he is back to normal. We used the Nestle Goodstart, which I had heard from multiple moms is most similar to breastmilk. GL!
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