This is a little overboard (etsy listing)

Re: This is a little overboard (etsy listing)

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    am I wrong to think its trashy for a toddler to wear a strapless dress?  The idea of it is cute if you just do the skirt though.
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    Oh, wow.  I'm going to have to say that leans on the side of being trashy.  Definitely not my taste!
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    I don't care for strapless on a toddler.  My big shock was when I looked at how much she was charging.  I wish I had extra money like that!
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    That's a lot of money for some tulle.
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    #1- it looks itchy.

    #2- it's trashtastic for a toddler to be running around in that.

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    is it strange that i think the ones that are just skirts with no tops are LESS trashy than the strappless santa one? Something about strappless tops on a young child = trying to make them sexy... but a young child not wearing a top is just cute ??? :)

    yeah- that's a LOT Of money for something i could make in about 1/2 hour or less... and with a glue gun no less! :)

    her other ones have straps - why not santa?

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