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Car toy recs?

My DS enjoys car rides for the most part.  He almost always falls asleep, but sometimes he just cries and cries for the first 10 minutes.  When DH and I are together one of us often sits in the back.  Then, DS doesn't cry.  I'm sure part of it is because we're there to hold the paci in his mouth, but I think it's really that he doesn't like being alone back there.  It's even worse when it's night time and dark.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't like the dark (we have other indicators of this, too).  I mentioned this to DH's cousin last night and she said it sounds like it's time to get a glow worm for the car.  We have a glow worm, but it only does one quick song and then goes out, and he doesn't know how to make it start again on his own.  Is there another glow worm that I don't know about.  I think it might actually work if it's similar to the bed time one because he loves looking at the light.  Anyone have one or anything else that they think might work?

Re: Car toy recs?

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