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A Couple of Birthday Raves!

So, we had Riley's birthday party yesterday (because we're going on vacay next weekend, woot!) and I've got a couple of things....

1) we did a dance party theme, and I ordered decorations/invites from dimple prints through etsy, I've posted her info here before, but thought I'd shout out again, she has super cute stuff and you can print it all yourself!

2) I signed up for this new deal website called Scoop Mama (you can sign up on FB too):  https://www.scoopmama.com/  Anyway, they just launched like 2 weeks ago and when they did, they also had a give-away contest for a free music birthday party with Miss Tara....and I won!  I won!  Literally 6 days before Riley's music birthday party!  And Miss Tara was able to actually come to our party!  Which is badass because Todd and I were planning on doing that portion of the party ourselves and making total jackasses of ourselves, which we were totally fine with, but yay!  someone was coming for free!!!

3) Miss Tara was awesome!  https://musicwithmisstara.com/  She came with her guitar and a bunch of instruments and scarves and all that same stuff that you get when you do a music class!  She sang songs with Riley's name, and in general it was awesome!  Obviously it can be spensy and we got it for free, but if you're looking for something like this, she was really awesome!

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