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Tell me about your spotting/bleeding during pregnancy success stories

I was having some dark brown discharge and I wasn't worried but today it turned to red. Not a lot by any means but it's there. I know this can be very normal but I need reassurance please!! My first appt isn't until feb. 10

Re: Tell me about your spotting/bleeding during pregnancy success stories

  • Had that happen twice. Etta is a happy, healthy 14 mo. old.
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  • I had red spotting my entire pg w/DS. It turned out that I had placenta previa. Try not to freak out and I'd try to get in on Monday just for your peace of mind.
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  • How far along are you? I had red spotting when I was 5 weeks with this pregnancy. I didn't even know I was pregnant til the next day, so when I found out I was pregnant, I freaked out! But everything is fine! I have no clue what it was. GL!

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  • I'm 5 1/2 weeks I've known for a couple of weeks though.
  • With DS I bled (not spotted, bled) every week for 8 weeks. He is a happy, healthy 23 month old.

     With this one I gushed blood several times. So far everything is going just fine. Hang in there, I know it's hard to be hopeful.

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  • I bled while pregnant with DS.

    We were TTC and I was trying not to stress out and test too often. AF came in late March, but in April I POAS just to be sure before going on vacation. BFN. I thought AF came again in April, so I didn't test. By May I was having so many pregnancy symptoms my doctor did a blood test to check for pregnancy before he would treat my symptoms. BFP. It turns out March was my LMP.

    My point is I bled enough to believe it was AF. I also had spotting other times throughout the pregnancy. DS was born full term at a healthy 9lb 3oz. Every time I experienced spotting my OB sent me for an u/s.

    Good luck!

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  • That has happened with both pregnancies for me. Even it turning bright red. Both have been successful. I wish the same for you!

  • I was told I was m/c and had a healthy and happy LO.  I'm sure it will work out for you also.
  • I bled for 5 weeks straight just like a period from 5-10 weeks and all four of my little munchins were perfect!
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  • I had spotting with Orion. I was probably only about 6 weeks along. Hadn't had my first appointment yet. Orion is fine. He's a happy and healthy baby. I called my doctor's office though. They told me to come in and they did an ultrasound. Said everything was okay and sent me home. If you are really worried call your doctor. I had the same thing. Brown discharge then a pinkish color then red.
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  • I bled a bit with my LO when I was at 28 weeks...we were worried it was pre-term labor but it was not!

    As far as early pregnancy - I did not - but I know a bunch of family members who bled throughout their pregnancies, especially early on and everything was fine.

    Good luck - if I got too worried I might call the dr. just to sleep better!

  • I bled all throughout my pregnancy. Bright red blood when going to the bathroom. The doctors never really found an exact reason. Unexplained bleeding. I did have a previa that moved up and also an extremely friable (sensitive) cervix. Stressful and scary but we now have a perfect, healthy 15 month old. 
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  • I bled so much with DS that I went to the emergency room and they told me I was having a miscarriage.  I bled (and balled) all weekend and went in Monday when my normal doctor could see me... did an ultrasound and there he was, perfectly fine!  I bled a few times with him too- and it was a lot, almost like a period but each time he was perfectly fine.  Call your doctor and see if they can see you quickly tomorrow to ease your mind.  I went in to hear the heartbeat all the time when I was bleeding and they didn't mind (at least they said they didn't). 
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  • I had spotting with my DS at 5 wks and now with this pregnancy at 6 weeks.  My OB took me in the same day of the spotting both times and did an ultrasound.  The first time it was too early to see the heartbeat but he said that the sack looked perfectly circular, which I guess is a good thing and I went back in the next week to look for changes and a heartbeat, which was there.  With this pregnancy the heartbeat was there the first time around.  I would call your OB and see if you can get in to have an ultrasound, jsut for peace of mind:) 
  • I started spotting shortly after my 1st appointment at 6 weeks with this pregnancy. Since I had a pap done at that appt., I wasn't too concerned initially because I figured it was simply from that. When it didn't go away a few days later and had turned to red blood, I started to panic especially because I never spotted with my first pregnancy. I went in for an ultrasound at 6w6d and was told that, since the tech couldn't find any reason for concern and we could clearly see the heartbeat, that it was most likely just implantation spotting.

    The spotting continued off and on until about 8 weeks and then stopped entirely. We've had another ultrasound since and our LO is doing great.

    Good luck!
  • I bled once a month during months 4 - 8 and DS is a healthy 17 months old. Good Luck!

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  • This monday, at work, i felt a huge gush of something so went to the bathroom. My underwear was filled with dark red blood with a couple small clots. I freaked out! I thought for sure i was having a miscarriage. I had a doctors apt later that day and they told me I am 6 weeks. They did some blood work and my HCG level came back low, but my progesterone was where it should be. I was still a little nervous. 72 hours later I went back to get my blood drawn again.

    Just got the results yesterday, and my HCG went from 2,800 to 6,500!! Everything is great!

    Try and keep a positive attitude, it really helps : )

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  • I was out for my birthday dinner with my friends and family on a Saturday  night.  After dinner I went to the bathroom and the water in the toilet was red.  After I would finish peeing, a steady stream of bright red blood would come out.  I immediately left and went to the ER.  After a 2.5 hour wait, I left and went to a second ER where I was immediately taken to the maternity floor.  The staff there found the baby's heartbeat right away.  After an ultrasound and a cervical exam, they couldnt find the source of bleeding.  I have been resting for 2 days now and im still lightly spotting dark brown blood.  Im thankful I didnt miscarry.  And now Im taking it extremely light until i deliver.  25 more weeks. 
  • i started some light spotting yesterday. even though my dr told me to e possibly expect it.. it still freaked me out. called the dr office and they again told me it was normal.. but to see what happens and to check in today. i still had some light spotting this morning.. so we will see. thanks for sharing your storied ladies.. it really helps
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  • Thank you all for sharing your experiences, it is so helpful and reassuring.

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  • Not me, but my SIL had a lot of bleeding with her most recent pregnancy. She went to the hospital convinced she was having a miscarriage, and baby was fine. She ended up having a broken blood vessel or hemorrhage or something. I forget what it was exactly, but baby is 6 months old today!

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  • I am going through this right now!  I had a miscarriage last year so this is the first pregnancy after....the spotting is WAY different from a miscarriage....but still freaky and unnerving! (With my miscarriage it was really painful, lots of clots....awful) My doctor's office has been so kind and patient with me....I have had about 6 ultrasounds in the last 12 weeks.  Call your doctor...if nothing else, it puts you at ease and that peace of mind is so worth it!  Praying for peace and great outcome!!
  • I'm having the same issue right now.  Spent Mother's Day in the ER thinking I was having a miscarriage, but an ultrasound said the baby was fine.  Then on Friday, I went back to the ER at my OBGYN's encouragement and once again baby was fine.  Both times they said the bleeding was unexplained.  I'm happy to hear so many good stories about people who have had the same experience that ended with a healthy baby!
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