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Curriculum for 3 year old?

What kinds of things are they normally learning at that age?
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Re: Curriculum for 3 year old?

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    At DD's school they are focusing on everything that they would for pre-k only at a lower level.  They work on colors, numbers, letters, writing (mainly teaching them how to hold the writing utensil properly and draw shapes etc) and some reading.  They also teach French, Spanish and Japanese. 

    I think the point of preschool for three year olds is more to get them used to being in a school environment.  To teach them social skills and how to take direction from someone other than a family member/babysitter.

    Exactly this- minus the languages (very cool for pp though!)  The social aspect is the most important, I think.  Ours has a very nice structure to it- circle time where they do the daily calendar, weather, assign jobs for the day, etc. then a story, onto craft, snack, potty break, gym or playground, then choosing time.  They focus on a letter each week and also whatever season or holiday it is. 

  • Reading (they use "Letterland")



    Art of all kinds

    Social Studies/Geography

    Phys Ed (ballet on Tues, karate Wed, outside play, etc other days)

    Some time is spent on using Montessori materials

    Music (they do Kindermusik)

    "Manners Club"


    Mandarin (DD is furious she doesn't stay for this.  I pick her up before it starts)

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