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Speaking of 4 year old checkup.. shots?

DD has her 4 year visit coming up.. she's been asking about shots.. just wondering if she will get any.  Just so I have an idea of what to expect..

Re: Speaking of 4 year old checkup.. shots?

  • OMG.. oh boy..

    Arm or leg?

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  • The 4-year check up was a nightmare.  DD#1 got 5 shots (in the arm), a finger prick, a BP check, pee in a cup, hearing test and vision test.  I was forewarned so I warned her as much as I could. Then I bought her a "prize" from the Disney Store afterward for being so brave.  (This didn't include a flu shot.  We got the flu mist in October this year.)
  • It was a rough appointment for us too.   I think it was 4 shots for us & they did check her blood pressure.  No vision or hearing test though, nor peeing in a cup. We did have a finger prick (iron check) too.   I also had to get the shots then; her PreK required proof.   The good new is that there are no more shots for a while! Since that appointment, she has been a nightmere for flu shots (they didn't have the mist this year).

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  • imageArcticFox:

    OMG.. oh boy..

    Arm or leg?

    All in the legs.  He would have had his flu shot as well, but he had already gotten it.  And as another poster said, they did hearing and vision tests, and took his blood pressure (all quick and painless).  They didn't have him pee in a cup or do a finger prick.

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  • My daughter got 3 shots - DTaP, chicken pox, and polio. They were all in her arm. She also did a vision screening and a hearing test. She wouldn't cooperate for the hearing screen, so we have to try again another time.
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  • My guys got four shots each - two in each arm.  It was not a fun visit.  I really wished I had scheduled their appointments separately because the yelling and crying went on FOREVER because they were feeding off each other.  =(   They were so pissed about the shots that they refused stickers after the visit.

    I did try to make it up to them by taking them to the library afterwards which seemed to help turn the tide.  I also told them that the shots may have hurt but that getting sick would have felt a lot worse.  I'm not sure they got my meaning but I felt it was important to say. 



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  • My DD didn't get any shots at her 4-year appointment. They did offer to give her the "kindergarten shots", but we had the option of putting it off until later this year or her 5th year appointment. She's been so scared of the doctor lately (because of shots) that we decided to put it off.

     ETA: She is 100% caught up on her shots. The "kindergarten shots" had a window of 4-6 years, from what I understood. There did seem to be quite a few she would have to have. I asked if it would risk her immunity against disease since she's now in preschool and they said no. They were all booster shots. She did get a flu shot a few weeks before the 4 year appointment.

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  • S had her 4 year well-visit today. she got 2 shots...chicken pox and MMR. 
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