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Weekend Plans?

What are you doing this weekend? What is going on?
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Re: Weekend Plans?

  • Going to the Sam Houston Horse Race track to watch the horses... We live in Katy Texas.  Love this time of year because of the horse races.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
  • My weekend will consist of grocery shopping and cleaning. K left such a mess in her wake that I started calling her my tornado.  I have soooo much stuff to put away that she left out. :-(

    That's about it. Wow - I'm exciting! ;-)



  • we don't have much going on.  Tomorrow evening the kids are scheduled to go to a new hourly childcare type place while we go out to dinner with friends (and Daisy - I"m not ready to leave her yet).  I was so excited when i found it b/c it solves our babysitter issues (ie. DCF requiring an act of congress to appove a babysitter therefore we havent been out forever) but now i'm feeling extreme mommy guilt over it and want to call the whole thing off Sad

    Sunday will be church and family time.

  • my wife shifted off last night and is working tonight. other than that we are doing nothing but taking care of our sick baby. he has pneumonia and we found out late yesterday that he tested positive for rsv so there's not really anything we can do but try to keep him comfortable. it really, really sucks.
  • L just found out that the deadline for the huge contract propasal that she's been working day and night has been extended. Therefore, we are going to dinner as a family tonight.

    The rest of the weekend, we have no plans. I will take the kids to their ice skating lessons in the AM, I am sure there will be some grocery shopping in there, and if the snow doesn't melt, perhaps we'll take the kids sledding (we went last night for the first time and they loved it (gray especially!)


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  • I think/hope we are laying low this weekend. Kel has been in back to back trials with another likely to start on Monday so we could use some family time.  We may try to fit in some serious baby-proofing. Eli's crawling is getting much faster and steadier as are his attempts to pull up to standing. His new favorite "game" is crawling into the bathroom and pulling up on the tub and reaching in for the drain. Cute--but YIKES!  

  • Tonight:  I'm making Katie her favorite dinner to thank her for her kindness this week (she totally spoiled me IUI day)

    Saturday:  Going out to lunch with a new friend and her 1 yr old.  I'm going to help her plan the baby's 1st b-day party!  Anybody know anything about Yo Gaba.Gaba?

    Sunday:  I work.

  • Friday: We've spent most of the day at the hospital, J's dad had his gallbladder removed this morning.  We picked A up from school and came home so J could get ready for work.  I called to speak with our adoption facilitator and got a few questions answered.  Now sitting here typing this.

    Saturday: J works in the morning so A and I will putz around the house until she gets home.  We will most likely go over to the IL's to visit (FIL is going home tonight or in the morning) once J is off work.

    Sunday: No plans.  J works in the morning again.

  • Last night we had happy hour with our neighbors to celebrate the fact that the sale of our house went through and the new owner is an investor who doesn't want us to move out (or even pay more rent). We are all very happy that we get to keep living here, and Jen and I are especially happy that we won't have to move twice this year (once to somewhere else in DC, once to Oregon). Love the neighbors and can't believe we've lived in the same house as them for so long w/o getting to know them! Silly! 

    Jen is already at work, and is working all day. Every Saturday she's all "It's so nice to be able to get so much done w/o interruptions," and I'm all "But you're working on the weekend, AGAIN." It's like her conception of how much they can reasonably expect of her has gone totally out the window, and it's normal to be in the office every single weekend when nobody else in the company does that. /rant 

    I'm going to do yoga and PT and then work on cleaning out the utility closet b/c the house inspection is happening tomorrow and they need to be able to get to the water heater. It's packed full of stuff, some of which I'm hoping we can just donate or get rid of. I also need to figure out what we need to buy for New Zealand, and look at making reservations for a few more activities. I say that every weekend and never do it, but we're 6 weeks out and I really want to spare myself last-minute stress. 

    Tomorrow the inspection is at 9am and we have to be out of here, so we're taking the dogs to Jen's office (b/c nobody really wants visitors, w/ dogs, at 9am on a Sunday). I'm going to play with them while she works. I'm kind of excited to see how they react to the floor-to-ceiling windows, since they are too short to see out of any of our windows at home :) Then tomorrow night we're going to a dinner party w/ friends.  

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    Anybody know anything about Yo Gaba.Gaba?


    We lets see. DJ Lance Rock has 5 toy monsters who live in in a little play world. They are:

    Muno- The one eyed ed One

    Foofa- The squishy pink one

    Brobee- The little green one

    Toodee- The blue cat looking one

    Plex- The yellow robot


    I describe the show as what I imagine an acid trip to be like. It is very colorful and they actually sing and learn some educational things. :) C loves the show.


    Hahaha- thanks!

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