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Valentine's Day gifts for your kids-Y or N?

My mom didn't do this growing up but she's not the warm and fuzzy type.  Do you get your kids something for V-Day?  Like what?  And if you do, do you think you will do it as long as they are at home? 

Re: Valentine's Day gifts for your kids-Y or N?

  • No gifts. Not every holiday has to be about gifts. A valentine card, yes. I think those are nice.

  • last year we made a heart shaped cookie cake together.... the year before I gave them each a small heart shaped box of chocolates. We'll probably do the heart shaped cookie again this year... or we'll make pizza in the heart shaped pan.  no gifts... more stuff for the whole fam.  hell, dh and I don't get each other gifts. 
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  • No gifts.  No way.

    Cards for his classmates: all of his classmates.

    Maybe some really strong/spicy heart candies.

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  • I cant remember if I gave a gift last year. If I did it was probably a book.

    I will do the same I guess this year. A new book will be exciting to DS. We have made a few Valentine's Day crafts and talked about how it's a day to tell people how much you love them. 

    I will probably also try and be super crafty that day with his snacks and lunch b/c he loves that.

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  • Yes; it's usually something small but every year my husband gets her flowers.  Other than that, it's either a stuffed animal, some cookies or a day out at the movies or the park.  It's something cute and special and I'll probably continue to do it for her from now on.  
  • I will give DD a flower and maybe a chocolate.  I don't think it's a big deal but I always loved getting something from my parents.

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  • My mom always got us a little something (and still does) so I do the same and will continue to indefinitely.  It's usually under $10.  This year DS2 is getting a book and DS1 is getting a Dinosaur DVD that he's been asking for.  I also got them both a package of I <3 U Peeps.

    I'll also probably do some special heart shaped food.

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  • No gifts, but we make heart shaped food (like pancakes and sandwiches), and red foods.  We also make and decorate cookies.
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  • Last year I gave the boys little tins with pencils, a little coloring book and some candy. One year they got a plastic sippy cup with hearts on it and a fun straw. Nothing major but I plan to do something for them every year.

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  • This was the only occasion my Dad ever got in on.  I always got a small box of chocolates every year. 

    I don't know if I will get DS#1 a box of chocolates, but he will get a candy of some sort. The baby, I am not sure.  In general, I plan to give them a small candy each year. 

    It's just a special treat, not an over-done present - so I don't see the big deal at all.  

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  • Considering we explain it as a day to tell people you love, how much you love them, we wouldn't want to exclude our little ladies. I usually do heart shaped strawberry pancakes for breakfast, and I usually get her a little treat.

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  • we don't give gifts - maybe a card, or a cookie... no presents. don't want my kinds thinking that every holiday is all about presents.

  • We give books on Valentine's Day, and starting this year we'll also give DD1 some candy (which she'll most likely forget about by the next day, just like her Halloween candy). DH gives DD1 a single rose and will do the same for DD2 now. DD1 and I will make Valentines for DH and the grandparents, and we'll make heart-shaped cookies and pink pancakes and all that jazz.

    Growing up, my parents always gave us cards and candy. I like the tradition!

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  • We give DD a card (usually one with sound because she loves those) and we make cookies....I don't think she needs more "stuff" and I don't want her to expect presents for everything.  I would rather she understand that some days are special just because and not because you get presents.


  • I was thinking about this just this morning. My first thought is it's a romantic, if made up, holiday. Then I thought more about it. It's a holiday about love and hearts. We will all give and make cards for each other. I think it will be sweet. Ben and I will go out for dinner likely. Either that or I'll make a nice lobster dinner for the four of us.
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