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Ok ladies, this is my first pregnancy and I'm switching to Tricare Standard because I really don't want to have my baby at a hospital an hour+ away from my home. However I've always been tricare Prime until now, so I have no idea what to look for, and what to watch Tri-care for. I'm hoping to have everything covered that I need covered but I've never dealt with co-pay or anything before, so any tips, or information and experiances you want or can share would be GREATLY appreciated!


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  • I just asked the same kind of question a few posts down and got some really helpful answers. Congrats on the pregnancy. =)

    I've had standard the entire time and I really love it. The co-pay really is a great thing knowing I can pick my own doctors and everything. I plan on going to my hometown to have my baby since my DH will be deployed and I like knowing I can do that and still have the best coverage.

    MC: Feb 24th, 2011
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  • My final bill with tri-care standard was $38.40 for me and 20something for Nathan
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  • Thanks and I checked out the post below. the lady at tricare said to make sure they bill globally because that works differently. Whatever that much to learn.
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  • Switching to standard from prime is a choice you should make wisely. For instance you will have to pay co-pays each time you visit the doctors for yourself or your child with standard. True the cost is not much but it does depend on you financial status. Plus pay co-pays for your prescriptions as well.  You do have options that you should ask Tricare about. If you're seeing a primary care doctor near you that takes tricare prime you could continue to see them after you give birth as well. For your baby there are lists of pediatric doctors or even family med doctors that accept prime you could attend without co-pays.   If your concern is only for the delivery then you have nothing to worry about.  No matter how close your primary care facility is Tricare has to pay for your care when you're in labor no matter what hospital you go to for it.  It is considered emergency care.  So if you want to switch just because of the labor you then have no worries.  Please note that switching from prime to standard than back to prime later could become an issue depending on where your stationed as well.
  • where we are stationed is a bit unusual. I could go off base for my PCM (as could my child) but request a civilian. which would be fine.  However to go off base for OB-GYN you must be on standard, which is a huge priority for me. I've not been happy with the things I've heard or the things I would deal with going through Prime. The Copays are reasonable and within our budget for care. Plus as far as I could read in the information, I think we can still take perscriptions to the base to be filled. if not the copays are usually reasonable. Frankly it will also be a lot easier for me especially when DH is deployed. I know others here who have switched back and had no problems.
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  • I use Tricare Standard as my secondary insurance.

    Yesterday I got prescribed prenatal vitamins (they're awesome) With my primary insurance it was still $20 for a one month supply! Thanks to having Tricare Standard as my secondary insurance I had to pay $0 NADA!

    What great news!!!

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