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Happy update on DS's heart problem!

I dont know if anyone will remember, because I dont think Im too well known here, but I was in the hospital for like 3 weeks before DS was born. He had an atrial flutter that caused valve damage and enlarged the right side of his heart. The doctors thought his heart rate would slow down to normal after he was born, but it didn't, so he was put on medication that he's been on ever since. When we left the hospital, the right side was still enlarged and there was still a valve issue.

Here is the point of this whole post: We had a cardiology appointment yesterday, and his heart looked PERFECT on the echocardiogram and EKG!

I am sooo excited! They are keeping him on the medication until 6 months just to be sure, but it is such a relief to know that no permanent damage was done. This ended up being longer I meant it to be, thanks for letting me AW  :)
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Re: Happy update on DS's heart problem!

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