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A Beka curriculum

Is anyone's LO in a school that follows this curriculum? What is your opinion of it? 
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Re: A Beka curriculum

  • My daughter attends a school that uses this curriculum for pre-K.  I don't have a teaching/education background so it's hard for me to offer an assessment of the materials or methodology.  I do think she's learned a ton this year.  She recognizes all her letters and can write them.  She's recognizes blends of vowels and consonants and can sound out some words.  Her teachers send home short reading workbooks and DH and I enjoy going through them with her at night. 

    At DD's school, there are three different pre-K classes.  They all use the A Beka materials.  One is a bridge/transition class, one is strictly A Beka and one is a centers-based class that uses A Beka but the children aren't assigned to desks and can move around the classroom.  My daughter is in the centers-based class and it's been a good fit for her. HTH!



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