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Potty Training

3 1/2 old yr MAJOR regression! Helllp!

My son potty trained very easily, with the bribery of an M&M.  He was in under 100% of the time except overnight.  So we did pullups at my doctors urging, and its only prolonged the issue.  So now for 3 days we have just had him in his underwear, and his accidents are not improving.  Sometimes he pees soo bad that his socks are wet.  Othertimes, its minor & just needs a change of undies. 

 I really felt like this wasn't working when he pooped for the 1st time EVER in his underwear  & he didn't care at all.  He didn't even tell me.  So do I just stick this method out or does anyone has some great advice??

I've read here on the boards, googled, and talked to the doctor and just feel like this never going to end!  Any suggestion?  TIA!

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