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Hi there, so it's looking like we are going to take the micro stim IVF approach using my partner?s eggs and donor sperm.   We have an appointment on Monday so I am curious to know if anyone has experience or success stories with this type of IVF.  What are your thoughts on purchasing a 3 cycle package as opposed to a single?


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Re: MS-IVF Success

  • 3 cycles of IVF? Are you assuming you won't get enough eggs to have frosties?

    Has your RE done this before? I know ours has done it for two couples with really unique medical issues (I didn't ask if he's done it for more; our practice has a big lesbian population). What did they recommend? 

  • There are lots of questions to ask to figure out if the package is right for you:

    - Can it apply to siblings if you get pregnant on IVF #1? How many children do you want?

    - Is there any refund of a portion if #1 is sucessful?

    - Any reason to believe that there would be any infertility issues in you or your partner?

    - What fertility testing have you completed to date and what have been the results?

    - What's the cost difference?

    Obviously no need to answer those for us, but for yourself.  Generally speaking, if there are no IF issues, then its not worth it to purchase the package.  Chances are good that #1 would be sucessful.  However, you never really wife and I did not opt for the package/shared risk deal and we ended up paying full price for 2 IVFs which was a killer. But, we are in the minority statistically.

  • Sorry for the delayed response.  I lost access last night.  We were told that because we have no infertility issues minimal stimulation would be the best approach which will usually product 4-5 eggs with 2-3 embryos.  The option of paying per cycle or a package was listed as financial options so I was just curious what others think.  The points you brought up concerning portion refunds has been added to my list of what seems like a million questions!  I appreciate the input!

    Culinary Cache
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