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Question for you ladies with older babies.  I have a jogging stroller that I hope to start using when the weather gets nicer here (DD will be between 4-5 mos old).  The stroller reclines for baby, but I'm wondering if I should buy the car seat that snaps into it or if she will be okay just reclined.  She has good head control already, and I'm by no means a fast runner and will be only on smooth pavement.  What would (or did, or do) you do?   The car seat I have seems to fit into it, but it makes me too nervous so if I have to go car seat route I'd buy the one made for it.

(and yes I'll ask the doctor at her 4 month appointment) :)

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    No advice, just saying that I am wondering the same thing and will ask at the 4 month appointment.  I do recall reading (I can't remember if it was "official" or feedback from bumpies) that using the stroller to jog before 6 months (even with the car seat) was not advisable.  I remember that some people questioned it, wondering if the jogging bumps could really be anymore severe than the bumps encountered in the car.  


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    You are not supposed to use a jogging stroller for running/jogging with the car seat attachment.  Baby needs to have good enough head control to be put in the actual stroller.  I know some people do it, but I wouldnt.
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