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Poll: How far away is your child's preschool?

Either from your home or work... how far do you have to travel to take LO to school?
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Re: Poll: How far away is your child's preschool?

  • Not even 1/2 a mile. We live in town in a very small town so its about a 2min drive. The elem. School is right beside it so that has been helpful this year when I take/pick up my kids. L is in K and the girls are in preschool.
  • Ours is a mile and half- I can walk there to get her when the weather is nice.
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  • I can see it from my front door. 
  • About a mile.  It's less than 5 minutes from our house.  


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  • 15 minute drive. There are some that were closer but this was our favorite.
  • 10 minute drive max.

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    DS -- 3YO

  • It's 10mi, about 15-20 minutes from home. We're looking at moving though and it will be 19mi away (30mins straight up the freeway). Don't care, it's the coolest place on earth so I'll make the drive.
  • It is about 15 minutes from our house, but I pick up one of DD's classmates, so it takes us almost 30 minutes to get there each day.  The ONLY thing I hate about living in the country is the commute to get her to school each day.  It is one of the reasons I wish I had support in home schooling her, but I don't.
  • About an 8-minute drive. 

    We had one that was closer, like three minutes (a little more than a mile away) but I liked the other one a little better.



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  • Our neighborhood public school.

    3 minutes by car. 

    We run into his class mates at the local park and around town.

    With an older one (15 now) who did private school and a 30 minute commute I LOVE having them in the same school as our neighborhood! 

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  • She goes to our church for preschool and we used to live 5 minutes from there, now e we live 30, but she loves it and it is THE best preschool in the area. J's MDO is 30 minutes from her preschool and then 30 minutes from home. The only good thing is they will both go to the same school next year, but DD will go five days a week so I am sure the drive will get really old!

    Her elem school is less than 1/4 of a mile, can't wait until both kids are there:) 

  • It takes about 10-15 min to get there.
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  • 10 minutes
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  • 5 mins by car.  

    My twins are 5! My baby is 3!

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  • Right now, the girls' preschool is 10 minutes away, but it was 45 minutes away before we moved.  It was 10 minutes from my office though and I work for myself.  I'd drop the girls at school and take DS with me to work at the office the days they were in school so we didn't have to make the trip back and forth twice too often.  Part of why we moved, though, was to be closer to their preschool, my office and get in a better public school district for DD#1's kindergarten next year.
  • It used to be walking distance.. like less than a minute drive.

    Now it is probably 2-3 miles, takes about 7 minutes to get there maybe.  Not too bad, but it is prob 20 minutes round trip (getting there/dropoff/home) so I miss the old place when I spend 40 minutes a day commuting.

  • About 8 miles. It takes us 15 minutes to get there. I'd have liked something closer, but my youngest has MDO in the same place, so it doesn't make sense to go to two different locations. Plus, I love his school.

  • It's 20-25 minutes away--which is about 17-19 miles.  With the traffic, though; OMG, it's a nightmare of a drive.  We are definitely moving closer to DD's school in the Spring.  Hopefully, the move will put us at a 10 minute drive at the most--WITH traffic.  Can't wait!
  • Ours is 10 minutes away.  I feel like it's super convenient and I have no complaints.


  • We live waaay out in the country so nothing is close by :) I drive 20 min. one way. It's can be a pain in winter, but she's in the afternoon program so the roads are almost always cleared when it's time to leave. I'm doing it again next year too for 4K because I LOVE the program.
  • Preschool is about a mile away from my work.

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  • About 15 minutes.  We have a public one that is .2 miles away, but we wanted him at this other school instead.
  • younger DD"s preschool is about 5 mins from home, 10 from work and older DD's is about 10 from home and 15-20 from work - depending on traffic of course.  Both are a little farther from DH's work - he helps with drop off and I pick both girls up.
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  • 10 minute drive.  There are closer options, but it's a better school, so it's worth the drive. 
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  • Its a 5 or 10 min drive
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