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Talk to me about humidifiers...

Annabelle is a really noisy sleeper (i.e. grunts, sniffling, etc...)  I've tried the saline drops and aspirator but nothing really comes out.  I'm thinking a humidifier might help with her stuffiness.  Should I buy a warm mist or cool mist humidifier?
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Re: Talk to me about humidifiers...

  • Not sure why, but I've always heard to use cool mist...I read tons of reviews when shopping around for one.

  • We use a cool-mist one made by Crane.  With all of our illnesses the past 2 months, we run it every night and it works great.
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  • Another vote for a cool mist Crane.  We love the frog.  I will say that it's best if you empty it everyday and follow their cleaning instructions for bleaching it every 4 uses.  It's the best we've ever used.
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  • I got DH a Crane cool mist humidifier for Christmas and he loves it!!  It's filter free, so that's a nice plus about it!

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  • We also use the Crane cool mist frog from BBBaby. It sits on a stool next to Al's bed and runs constantly. And on that note, I'd better go clean it.
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