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IUI no injectibles

Ok so I am new to this blogging thing but here goes. Stick out tongue  Me and my same sex partner of 6 years have been trying at home inseminations to become pregnant.  We have a donor from PRS (a lesbian owned sperm bank) and have tried unsuccessfully 4 times.  I went to see a fertility specialist 5 months ago and she is going to do our first IUI in February.  I am 30 years old and ovulate regularly. She told us that I don't need hormones but we are really worried that this might not work without hormones.  Has anyone here become pregnant from the IUI technique without using hormones as well?  Also, has anyone become pregnant on the first try using IUI? 

 Thank you so much for the help....

Re: IUI no injectibles

  • i have nothing to offer you other than we did 4 IUI with hormones and no success but I ovulate and mature late  so we just ended up doing IVF which now I realized would have saved us the money we spent on 4 unsuccessful IUI's 

    Its possible that IUI unmediated can work if she is ovulating on time and tubes are open there other than timing there should be no issue. Frozen sperm does not last as long as fresh so that is the biggest issue.  Each Re has their own protocol and they are like mad scientist.  Perhaps putting the sperm  directly in to the uterus is what you needed to get pregnant.

     I know ppl that have gotten pregnant on  their first ICI at home with fresh and frozen and some that had IUI 's as well. 



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  • It can happen, one of our very close friends is 20w from her first unmedicated IUI. Are you going completely med free (meaning no trigger shot)? Or are you just not going fertility medication, but doing a trigger shot to time your ovualation?

    Good luck!!!

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  • I got pregnant with IUI and did not take any drugs at all. I'm 29 and also had regular cycles and ovulate each time. I became pregnant on our 5th IUI. However, our first (anon) donor's sperm quality was horrible - our chances were significantly reduced. Our clinic said that it was the worst they had ever seen. We used 3 vials of his stuff before switching to another donor. 

    I'm happy for the way it all worked out for us though because in September, by total luck, I ovulated 2 eggs and sure enough, both were fertilized. Now we are expecting twins in late May! 

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  • We are going completely med free no triggers.... 

    Thank you so much for the encouragement!!

     Congrats on the twins!!!Big Smile



  • We did unmed. IUI with frozen donor sperm.  I got pregnant on IUI #3 and have an 18 month old toddler.
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  • I also had IUIs without any medication.  We started when I was 34 - am now 35.  My cycles are not exactly regular (range from 32-42 days) but I just ovulated later some months.  My luteal phase was always 13 days exactly.  I was always able to detect ovulation with the predictor kits (and then backed up by tracking temps).  Some months we did one IUI the day after the kit turned positive. Other months we did two.  On our third cycle, I was briefly pregnant but it quickly ended as a chemical pregnancy.  Our sixth cycle was luckier and I am now 8 weeks - with a baby whose size and heart rate measure right on track.  So, yes, there is hope with unmedicated IUIs. 

  • We did IUI with no meds too.  Were incredibly fortunate to get pregnant on try #1 - it can happen!
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  • Mrs. _F:  Did you use frozen sperm or a fresh sample if you don't mind us asking?
  • Frozen
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  • Both of our pregnancies were from unmedicated IUIs with frozen sperm--we each got pregnant on the first cycle. We did back-to-back IUIs both times.  Good Luck!!!

  • Thank you guys so much!!  This really lets us be hopeful that it might work! Smile
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