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Baby mum-mum question

A friend of ours gave us some, but didn't know at what age they could have them. LO is 5 months and we started giving her rice cereal and oatmeal about 3 weeks ago. I can't find anything specific on their website. Are they ok to give Sydney now?

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  • We started giving them to DD around that age and she did very well with them since they are so soft and break right apart...however, I couldn't give them to her when she got teeth, because she would bite huge chunks off. And, now I give her the harder teething biscuits...she's 10.5 months though.

  • I gave them to DS at that age.  He just sucked on them mostly.

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  • Aiden loved them at that age!  They almost melt - and hardly make any mess.  Well, they don't crumble that it.  They make a mess on hands.  We never stopped giving them to Aiden, even when he started biting pieces off because they pretty much just melt. 
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