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Clicky Poll: What should I do? 3 or 5 day pre-K

Ok...sign up for Pre-K is tomorrow.  I have to decide between 3 day and 5 day (half days) pre-K.  Here are my thoughts for both.

3-Day--He's still just a kid and 5 days is a lot.  It will give me more flexibility to do things on the day's he's home.  He's "getting" it in his 2 day program and doesn't need 5. 

5-Day--The kindy here is FULL day, so this would better prepare him for going every day...not the full day part, but every day.  They just moved the cut off day up, so he will be fairly close (6 weeks) to the cutoff and maybe could use the extra "school work" to prepare him for school. (both behavior wise and academically).  the 5 day is more structured with the curicullum.  The 3 day is more "go with the flow". (according to his current preschool teacher)

So what would you do?


Re: Clicky Poll: What should I do? 3 or 5 day pre-K

  • I don't think it really matters.  do what fits your child's needs and your own.  if you need him in school 5 days a week... or you think he's really ready for it... go for it.   I don't think it will matter next year.  
  • i used to teach K - there is no need to get kids "ready" for a 5-day schedule- they will get used to it very fast, even if they have never been in any type of school setting before.

    i would do 3-day for sure, assuming you don't work.... your child will be in 5-day school the rest of his life - i'd want that extra time with my kids at home, but still giving them the benefits of a preK program.... and would also allow much more time for us to go out and do things together on the days there is no preK

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  • I think this is a call that only you can make.  Do what works best for you and your child. 

    I chose 5 days because my older daughter is an extreme extravert and she loves her friends at school.  She's best served by the structure, activities and social stimulation she gets there.  Amazingly enough, when she comes home in the afternoons, all she wants to do is play with her neighborhood friends.  We play outside quite a bit and we usually plan one or two big family activities on the weekends.  I feel like I still spend an extraordinary amount of time with her, even though she's at school from 8:30 to 2:30.


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