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Picky eating

Does anyone else have a very picky eater? My DD only eats set foods and lately outright refuses to try anything new. It's getting frustrating because there's times she won't be able to have her favorites when we go on vacation next month. For example I noticed our grocery store has stopped carrying the "Dora" yogurt. I asked a friend of mine and she thinks it may have been discontinued. So I bought some of the plain strawberry yoplait 4 pack of cups. She won't try it. Even though Dora was also strawberry yogurt. Anyone have any tips on making trying new foods fun? She won't eat casseroles so it's not like I can sneak new foods in that way. I'm going to have my second and don't want to retread this path in a few years. She seriously eats 1/4 of what she did as a toddler.
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Re: Picky eating

  • I could have written this myself. I feel like I'm failing as a mother cuz she NEVER eats anything (seemingly). I've heard it takes 14 or 17xs of offering the same thing to a child 2-4 years old before they will even try it... (i took a childhood nutrition class but forgot the exact numbers)    Goodluck. I'll be watching this thread to see what other people suggest. :)
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  • DS (5yr) is the same way. No fail chicken and ranch...I HATE HATE HATE making this now. Its not that he's picky because he does eat but there are some periods where he will resgress and not eat something we know he likes or will sit at the table for over 20 min staring at his food and filling up on drink. I wish I could offer advice but I have none. I always try to stand my ground when dinner comes around. (at least he loves his daily vitamins:)
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