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Brushing teeth - help

While we are talking tricks - any hints on brushing teeth?  B HATES it - I mean with a passion.  He'll suck on a tooth brush no problem, sometimes he'll let me brush his front teeth, but that's it.  He'll let me put my fingers in his mouth, and we did the whole brush the gums as an infant thing but as far as brushing - nada.  To really brush I have to restrain him which means I don't brush his teeth nearly as often as I should.  Any hints?

Re: Brushing teeth - help

  • We used to brush Paige's teeth in the bath, but it really wasn't working. She hated it, and refused to let us do it. We'd have to physically hold her down to do it.

    Now we do it right after dinner, and she has a special little built-in stool on the side of our sink. DH brushes her teeth while I brush mine, so she can watch me. I try to do a mirror image of what DH is doing, making sure that I'm opening my mouth really wide so she can see. She loves brushing her teeth now and gets excited when we mention it. She really loves pretend spitting - we spit at the same time.

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  • Ugh.  This is us too.  It's one of our therapy goals actually b/c the dentist wants to see him 3x/year b/c his teeth build up nasty ***.

    I have only 2 suggestions.

    Sometimes we use our sonicare on him. He has his own head.  He is fascinated with the vibration and wants to hold it.  Of course he still doesn't want to brush his teeth, but, getting a good cleaning is a lot faster with the Sonicare than a regular brush so it's not as bad for him.  We let him play with it a little, then brush, then let him play some more.

    Also, in my feeding book they suggestion singing a song.  We do "this is how we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth, this is how we brush our teeth so early in the morning." Or something like that. 

    The book suggests singing a song that is repetitive, but having a different verse at the end.  The kids learn that the song will end when they hear the last verse and they only have to withstand teeth brushing for a finite amount of time. 


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  • We are complete opposite. My boys throws tantrums if I take the tooth brush away. They love brushing their teeth. Does he watch you brush your teeth? Maybe buy his favorite character tooth brush.
  • p.s. He will mimic & brush his own teeth, but he doesn't do a good enough job so we have to do it somehow. (hence the plaque build-up)
  • These have saved my sanity.  Along with Thomas toothpaste.  We have one in every bathroom.  Spiderman, The Hulk, etc.  I brush first, then he brushes, and he gets to spit all he wants in the bathtub.

    They make them in Barbie and other girly versions, too.  $6 at most stores.

  • Thanks - these are good ideas - I already sit him up on the sink by me when we brush but I'll see how it goes if DH helps.   And the Thomas toothbrush might help  - sigh I just wish this little boy liked brushing his teeth!
  • We have a spin brush for kids but it's a soccer ball. I don't know the brand but it sucks.  It's sooo clunky/loud it just scares him.  So if you see a soccer one don't buy it :-) Maybe go with the one pp recommended :)
  • We make a game out of it and he loves it.  I do have to hold him a bit to get a good first brushing, but after I brush for him, I pull a little stool up to the sink, turn the water on and let him brush by himself.  That's the part he loves.  Mama's turn, then Tyson's turn.  We repeat it several times throughout the first brushing.  :)

    He mostly just sucks the water off of the brush or chews on it, but I figure him chewing on it is better than nothing.

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