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Pregnant after 35

** PG > 35 Weekly Check-In + QOTW ~ January 25, 2011 **

Welcome to the Pregnant after 35 Weekly Check-In!  I'll try to get the Check-In posted on Tuesdays (or late on Mondays), so I'll try that from now on, unless anyone has suggestions for a better day.

If you would like to be added to the check-in, just reply to this post with:

your screen name
first name (optional)
due date
sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?)

Please let me know if you have any updates and/or edits that need to be made.  Also, if I missed any births please let me know so we can celebrate with you!

Congrats to New December and January Mommies:

estellababy: Dec 7 (EDD Dec 12) - Jackson Bryan
OscarQ (Alison):  Dec 14 (EDD Mar 17) ? Kevin Patrick
Strunella: Dec 24 (EDD Dec 28) - Graydon Emerson

Deanne Shehane:  Jan 21 (EDD Jan 25) - Robert "Ford" V


Any updates on other early January EDD mommies???

Sending lots of *easy labor vibes* to our moms who are "almost there". :)

Pregnant Moms by Due Date:

January 2011
RN536 (Jen):  01/03/11 - Girl
Wiscgirl95 (Katie):  01/04/11
Daisy30220 (Kimberly):  01/05/11
NOELHC (Anna):   01/12/11
Swrlygrl: 01/12/11 ? Girl
jmcdow (Jennifer) 1/16/2011 - Girl

February 2011
Cosnowbaby (Leslie):  02/11/11 ? Girl
jlb3873 (Jamie): 02/14/11 - Boy
Teacherlizzie (Lizzie): 02/14/11
Symharmony (Michele): 02/17/11 ? Surprise
manyblsngs (Stephanie): 02/23/11 - Surprise
Mommy2Ajani+1 (Alicia): 02/27/11

March 2011
Kayteagirl: 03/03/11
Robynjdm: 03/09/11
Junebugg2271 (Lisa): 03/14/11 - Boy
RyaSilly03 (Liz):  03/16/11
jannymcg:  03/16/11 - Twins (Girls)
HipMomma (Jenn):  03/21/11
elmelautumn (Mel): 03/22/11 - Boy
pa_kris: 03/22/11
Sshruff1: 03/25/2011
Lkingery (Laura):  03/28/11
Jens38 (Jen):  03/28/11
TheCricket:  03/28/2011
His Super Girl: 03/29/11

April 2011
ballmom (Amy):  04/01/11
HMWM (Heather):  04/02/11 ? Surprise
Chrishvny (Christine):  4/02/11
Seafan11: 04/06/11
comfortable:  04/10/11
Anniebpgh (Annie): 04/18/11
Oliverncherie (Cherie): 04/18/11
JilliansMoma: 04/25/11 - Surprise
prayingforone: 04/25/11 ? Twins (Boys)
99christine99 (Christine): 04/26/11

May 2011
Shelleyk34 (Shelley): 05/02/11
CharBart (Char): 05/04/11 - Twins (Boys)
suz4t (Suzanne): 05/09/11
MrsDL: 05/11/11 - Boy
miricard35: 05/14/11
kristennd (Kristen): 05/15/11 - Surprise
funkymama: 05/16/11
MrsPerrin (Maria): 05/18/11
Vincent (Jennifer): 05/22/11 - Surprise
kikijbird (Kiki/Erica): 05/28/11 - Surprise
Mrs_M: 05/28/11 - Boy

June 2011
rhiainhm (Rhiain): 06/01/11
curlyQdesign (Michelle): 06/16/11 - Surprise
calibride2005: 06/02/11
Jaytee501: 06/10/11 - Boy
LeesMyBaby: 06/11/11
MelPelu: 06/12/11 - Girl
dianah36 (Diana): 06/13/11 - Girl
Simonaaaa (Simona): 06/17/11 - Surprise
BrandySun (Brandy): 06/21/11 - Surprise
Pearly609: 06/28/11 - Boy

July 2011
honeylizb (Liz): 07/01/11
LauraLynneC (LauraLynne): 07/08/11
figsandolives (Tina): 07/12/11 - Surprise
shinergirl (Stephanie): 07/12/11
Woodwife (Claire): 07/16/11
HisEarth (Senitra): 07/17/11 - Surprise?
ssull1974 (Shannon): 07/18/11
njohnson1972 (Natasha): 07/25/11 - Surprise
Peppernut (Amy): 07/27/11 - Girl
johnsonjeril (Jeri): 07/31/11 - Twins
Married2MrPooh: 07/31/11

August 2011
Hocus: 08/02/11
Melanie1119 (Melanie): 08/04/11 - Surprise?
queenalexandra (Alex): 08/04/11
iItsmevkb (Kelly): 08/07/11
Jen&Louie (Jen): 08/08/11 - Surprise
stephb7i (Steph): 08/21/11
Alliapistor (Allison): 08/23/11
Jennairess (Jen): 08/31/11

September 2011
SFAug07 (Kathi): 09/10/11
tinkerbelle (Vanesa): 09/12/11 
alfontaine (April): 09/24/11 - Surprise

Gender Stats:   Team Blue: 11; Team Pink: 9; Team Green: 16; Unknown: 45

Updates: How are you feeling?  Any events/news to share?  New pregnancy symptoms, or any that have disappeared?

Question of the Week (QOTW):
(Courtesy Peppernut!) Let's talk food cravings... got any? Any aversions? Any cravings/aversions that have surprised you? 

**If you have ideas for future QOTW, let me know (either post question ideas with your update, PM me, or email me at kikijbird at gmail dot com)!**

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Re: ** PG > 35 Weekly Check-In + QOTW ~ January 25, 2011 **

  • your screen name  ciarhwyfar
    first name (optional)  Kierin
    due date   9/19/2011
    sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?)
  • your screen name  chance_encounters
    first name (optional)  Laurie
    due date   9/27/2011
    sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?) Too early to tell just yet
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  • Nothing new to report after my post about terrible cramping but good u/s yesterday. I'm not really craving much yet. I have had moments when I'm hungry but nothing sounds good, which is really unlike me!
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  • Thanks for doing this, Kiki!

    I'm doing fine, though the super-smell is no fun when mixed with toddler diapers.  woo.

    For food, it was really odd that I wanted Popeye's spicy chicken all the time.  It's started to wear off, thank goodness.  I love to cook, and we really don't eat fast food, as a rule.

    Now I am a bit sad, the super-smell seems to have affected my ability to tolerate spicy food.  I made a jambalaya that I thought was mild enough for Margaux, and it was... but it was too spicy for ME! 

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  • Update: Had my 22 week OB appointment this morning.  All seems well.  I got the script to go do my 1 hr glucose test, sometime between Feb 19-Mar 5.  Fun, fun!  Discussed whether I could strive for a med-free vaginal birth, and Dr. said, we can try, but it will all really depend on my blood pressure and fibroids.  Nonetheless, I think DH and I will start taking Bradley classes in a couple of weeks. Feeling pretty good these days, but dog-tired. 

    QOTW: I had an aversion to broccoli for a few weeks in first tri, but I'm okay with broccoli now.   I haven't noticed cravings per se, but definitely preferences.  I have been known to eat both pickles and ice cream for dessert, but not together!

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  • Update:  We had our anatomy scan yesterday and it looks like my amniotic fluid is low.  I have to drink 1 gallon of water per day and go back in 11 days.  If it hasn't improved, I'm going on bedrest.  RATS!  On a more positive note, I THINK I felt her move last night.  I had been waiting for the "butterflies" or "bubble" feelings everyone describes them as, but this was more like someone was poking me from the inside.  I hope it was her.  Smile

    QOTW:  Cravings?  All the comfort food from my childhood--macaroni & cheese, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, chocolate milk, cherry pop tarts. LOL!  Aversions?  Basically, meat!  I can eat hamburgers and other meats like on pizza, but to have a big hunk of meat like steak or chicken breast, YUCK!

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  • your screen name  rpm22
    first name (optional)  ROBIN
    due date   9/5/2011
    sex of baby (if known, or will it be a surprise?)  hope to know soon


    I don't have any cravings, really....but when I want a food, I want it right then, no waiting.  The other night in the store, I walked by the olive aisle, and suddenly wanted olives.....bought a bunch, came home and ate the whole dang container.....yum!!!

  • Updates: How are you feeling?  Any events/news to share?  New pregnancy symptoms, or any that have disappeared?

    Still sick all. the. time.  I say I'm used to it but I'm just putting on a brave face.  I have a sore throat from throwing up and it wears me OUT to throw up.  I just want to sleep afterwards.  /whine

    baby is growing - s/he feels "heavy" now and my lungs are already getting squashed - I get (mildly) short of breath easier these days.  And I'm a little paniked that I'm still only almost 17 weeks - I have a long ways to go!

    My "super-smell" has gone back to normal - thank goodness.  That wasn't helping feeling sick. 

    Loving the less-sore Super-Boobs though! ;) 

    Question of the Week (QOTW):
    (Courtesy Peppernut!) Let's talk food cravings... got any? Any aversions? Any cravings/aversions that have surprised you?

    I wanted McDonalds hamburgers and fries a LOT - and normally I can't STAND McDonaldds AT ALL.  So that was just plain weird.  I'm loving spicy food, still eating whatever sounds good at the time and I can't let myself get hungry or else that meal comes back - if I don't already have something in my stomach, then throwing up is guaranteed.  My whole day revolves around eating.  I avoid the scale but have only gained 2 pounds as of my last appointment - let's hope I can keep the gain sloooooow.

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  • Update: Had a second ultrasound last week.  Everything looks fine and is measuring on time.  Have now scheduled my NT scan and first official OB appointment.

    QOTW: I am craving beer and teriyaki beef jerky -- both things I'm not supposed to have.  I really want a Guinness.  I think it is more the idea that I'm not supposed to have it than anything.  When we go out, I have taken a sip of DH's beer to kill the cravings, but he doesn't like the same type of beers I do.  Other than that, I have seriously been craving carbs, but that's not new.  I haven't had much interest in eating meat lately. 

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  • Update: Saw the heartbeat again yesterday on an abdominal ultrasound. All looks good. I am graduating from the RE to my regular OB/GYN and have my first prenatal appointment set for February 10 (at almost 10 weeks). Not feeling pregnant at all but as it was like that with DD, it's normal.

    QOTW: No cravings and no aversions. I am not very hungry these days and lost about 8 pounds.

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  • Update:  99 days to go!!!  Can't wait to meet these twinkies! My sugar is good, cervix is holding strong, but work is kicking my butt!! 

    QOTW: Crave mac and cheese...not the good kind....the kraft orange cheese kind!!  My DH thinks I'm nuts!  Aversion is chicken....makes me gag just to type it!!!

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  • A few new things this week. Had some bleeding (first time all pregnancy) on Sunday and called the doctor's office but they said it was fine. Some unusual cramping since then too, just to make me nervous. 

    Glucose test first thing tomorrow morning. Get to see just how bad that orange stuff is. No idea whether I'll pass.

    DH did feel movement for the first time last night, so that was neat.


    All my cravings and most of my aversions went away as I got into second tri. I never craved anything unusual -- just junk food that I always liked but usually managed to avoid. The only aversion was alcohol (convenient!) and vinegar. And the vinegar part is fading. 

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  • Had my amnio appt. and all the results were good.  Looking forward to our anatomy scan and cervical measurement next month.  Since SO missed the last appt., he's looking forward to this one.  I've had lots of movement, he's kicking as I'm typing.  It's so freakin' cute!  He really gets moving after I eat or when I'm sitting straight up in a chair.

    Question of the Week (QOTW):
    No food aversions.  Craving Indian/Jamaican food.  Still loving fruit and freshly squeezed fruit juice (RIP Jack La Lane).  My SO spoils me with fresh juice.

  • Please add me

    screenname: tlc7068

    Name: Tracy

    EDD: 9/27/11


    QOTW:  no cravings yet. no food aversions either.

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  • Updates: 15 wks & feeling good!  I will admit the good feeling has me anxious for my appt on Thursday .. I need to hear the heartbeat or something to calm my fears.  On Thursday my quad blood screen is scheduled & I should get the results from all other previous blood test, including my 3 hr glucose test (crossing crossables)  Still suffering with nasal congestion, but I think I may have solve the problem with a humidifer at night.

    Question of the Week (QOTW):
    I, too, have a craving for comfort foods .. I can not get enough mac 'n cheese, chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese sandwiches & yes, my all time liver cheese sandwiches.  Favorite snack Cheez-its gives me heartburn.
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  • Updates: Morning (all day sickness) is still there, but I've found some things to keep it at bay.  Otherwise, I've had quite a bit of pulling and tugging going around in my belly and I found out why today!  We're having twins!! 

    Question of the Week (QOTW):
    Cravings... sushi, so I stick with cooked low mercury fish (like salmon) and still don't have it often.  Sometimes, I just have some rice and that seems to help.  Certain smells bug me, but I haven't had any aversions yet.  No surprise cravings. Some are the same as they were when I was pregnant a few years ago, like roma tomatoes and pickles (yes... pickles. I'm a stereotypical pregnant woman) Wink
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  • Updates:  Not much new this week.  I had my 32 wk appt. yesterday.  The appts. are less than 5 min. these days (too bad the wait in the waiting room isn't!)  I've been really tired again recently.  Trying to get to bed closer to 9:30 these days.  I hate to be dragging all day long.

    QOTW:  I've been craving sweets.  I always have a sweet tooth so that's not really anything new, but I've been giving in to it more lately - which isn't good.  I'm 1 lb. over the maximum acceptable weight gain for this point, so hopefully I can keep my cravings in check for the next 8 weeks. 

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  • Update: I am happy to report that I have finally felt baby moving.  I was getting a little worried since most people on the board were feeling movements weeks ago.  Our baby must be a heavy sleeper or not very active.  Now I?m waiting for a little more movement so daddy can feel.


    I also finally found a crib and dresser that I like and that matches the existing furniture (head/foot board and bookcase) in the nursery.  The store is going out of business so we're getting a discount.  Sunday my husband and I created our baby registry at Babies r Us.  After walking around the store (which seemed like an eternity) we discovered that we have nothing for this baby and so everything we could think of went on the registry. 


    Note: I have my 24 week appt. on Monday and hopefully will find out about this glucose testing.  I?m a little nervous because my doctor has made no comment about it and I want to be sure that I?m on schedule.  Keep you posted


    QOTW:  No real cravings to speak of, though I love eating more now than ever.  I can also smell coffee being brewed a mile away.    

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  • Hi ladies!  Good to see all the updates.  I'm not sure where my brain was last week but I thought I was a week ahead of schedule!!  (Wishful thinking I guess.) I go in for my 27 week appt tomorrow.  I am glad to go because I have been hurting a lot in the pelvic area this week.  I'm sure she will tell me it's just my body preparing for birth but I've been at home with my feet up when I can.  This time around I don't get as much "relaxation" time because of my DD.  I have to go next week for my 3 hour glucose test and I'm worried that it will be an epic fail.  Other than the "growing" pains I've been feeling really good!

    I'm craving Baskin and Robins chocolate fudge ice cream, pepperoni pizza, and anything citrus fruit related (tangerines, oranges and lemons off my tree) yummy!! (None of which are good for my GD diet, boo hoo)

    Have a great week,


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