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Day 6 w/ A LOT of I postpone PT?

DD is 22 mo. and has shown signs she's ready to PT.  We did the 3 day method beginning at home and now in DC.  On day 2 & 3 at home we had 50/50 success rate.  She loves to use the potty when you bring her there.  Sometimes, she'll sit on it for 1 minute before saying she's done and others 15 minutes-w/o actually going.  The remainder of the times (including 100% at DC) she'll pee/poo in her big girl underwear and then tell someone. Last night and today, she doesn't want to pull up/down her pants on her own. 


I understand DC is a different environment and it will be a challenge.


My question to you is should I continue full force to PT w/ a 50% success rate at home?  Or after this week, if there is still no DC progress let it go for a cpl months before trying again?  I'm hearing a lot of feedback from co-workers and teachers she may be too young.

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Re: Day 6 w/ A LOT of I postpone PT?

  • She sounds really young and if she is not showing an interest - not telling you when she needs to go, not caring that she is wet/dirty, she might just not be ready.  My kids have always done better at daycare than at home since they see all their friends using the potty.  Granted I know that is not always the case, a friends DD does pee great at home and school but won't poop on the school potty but does at home with no issue.  I personally would back off if she seems to be really fighting it.
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  • I tried at 22 months to train my girls and it was a big fail. They were showing signs of readiness, but really were not ready. So I put them back in diapers over the summer and decided we would try again in a couple of months. At 25 months (before the end of the summer) they started ripping off their diapers all day long and running around naked. So I brought the potties out and it went so much better because they initiated it.

    I would put her back in diapers for a couple of more months. If she enjoys the potty that much, maybe let her sit on it while getting ready for bath or right before bed when you are brushing her teeth. That way she starts to get in the habit of doing this before bedtime.

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