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I'm going to feel victorious tonight when I tell Todd that I'm right that Matt went to Penn State.  He knew he was a fan, but thought he went somewhere else.  If we ever get around to having people over, he'll have to meet 2 of my sorority sisters' hubbies who are big fans as well.

On a somewhat related note, have you guys went to Jersey Cafe yet?  It's across from Carmel St V's in the shopping center where o'malia's used to be.  It's all east coast themed.  They were voted best cheesesteaks and are going to be on diners, drive-ins, and dives next year.  They sell lots of east coast favorites too--tasty kakes, pennsylvania dutch root beer, salt water taffy, etc.  The sandwiches are huge--I got 2 meals out of mine. 

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Re: Andrea

  • Well, you are both right. Matt went to BU for undergrad, which is probably what Todd remembers.  But, you don't have to tell him that part :-) 

    I am so totally excited to go check out this place!!  Thank you for telling me, how do you even know about Tasty kakes??  I'm going to go buy some and surprise him on Friday! 

  • Todd's Grandma and a few other relatives like in PA not too far from where Steve's from.  He told me how Steve's parents used to send him care packages of tasty kakes, toothpaste, and books when they were in college.  I've never actually had one.
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