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Brenda! Potty training.

Saw on your blog that Paige has used the potty! That's great!

Did you do anything to encourage it, or did she just show interest on her own? I'm still a little baffled about what signs to look for.

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Re: Brenda! Potty training.

  • I *definitely* wouldn't call it potty training! :-)

    The only thing that we've done to encourage it is to have a little Baby Bjorn potty in our bathroom, and I let her come in with me when I use the bathroom. Mostly to show her the process - pee, wipe, close the lid, flush the toilet, wash hands. I'm just trying to get her familiar with the process for now.

    With Larry being home with her, he's been watching her cues for pooping - she usually starts letting out some farts and gets really quiet when one is brewing. He will put her on the potty, and let her sit there for 10-15 minutes. She pushes (she seems to "get it"), but so far only one poop and about 5-6 pees. She was so excited when she pooped, though... they called me and she just kept saying in the phone, "Mommy! I pottied! I pottied!" LOL.

    But we're no where close to what I consider potty training. She doesn't give any cues for peeing, and still wakes up really wet from naps and overnight. So, we've had some "luck" but we've still got a long way to go!

    FWIW, we've had better luck with a potty ring that sits on the actual toilet versus the little potty - she likes to have her stuffed elephant sit on the little potty while she uses the "big girl" potty. She thinks the little potty is a toy - she likes to pick up the cup-part and carry it around. Yeah, I am so not about her picking it up and flinging poo everywhere. So, potty ring it is!

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  • Good to know! I do the same thing - encourage Ella to come in the bathroom with me and sit on her little potty. So far, no dice, but we never expected her to actually do it.

    I have a potty ring in my Amazon cart that I might get soon for that reason - I sometimes wonder if she sees the small chair as a toy. We have the same one as you, and shes likes to pick up the bowl part and put her tows in it. Indifferent

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  • ::Butting in because we are in PT hell right now::

    Emma never showed signs of anything until it was going on (pooping, not peeing).  The only reason I initiated it is because we are wanting to start her in preschool in the fall 2 days a week and they require her to be fully potty trained.  Since her birthday is in July, I didn't think my original plan of waiting until she was 3 would work.

    I tried the 3 day potty training that Mel emailed a while back (I can email it to you if you would like).  It says that the ideal age is 22 months.  She actually considers an older child to be 2 1/2 or older.  She says that they are more difficult because they are more set in their ways and routines.  I totally agree.  We did the 3 day method for a while and then switched to a timer.  There is an app by Huggies (iGo Potty) and you set the timer, it goes off, then they get praise for trying/going and get a sticker and game after 9 stickers.  Emma loves this app.  It has actually worked wonders for us.  She has finally started telling me if she has to go (after 2 weeks) a few times a day.

    As for the seat, I have always heard that you have to retrain with the big potty if you use a potty seat.  She is using both right now.  We have a backpack for our new diaper bag that holds a potty ring, clorox wipes, hand gel, flushable wipes, extra clothes, etc.  She still uses a potty seat at home though because her independent head strong little self wants to do it by herself.  I don't see us having any issues with switching later because we use both.  She does however like to pull the bowl out and I have to tell her that only mommies and daddies can take that out.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    ::Butting out now that I wrote a novel!:: 

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