you can flame me for my stupid mistake!

Last Thursday my parents had the carseat.  When the brought Michelle home my dad just set in my car without installing it and he told me he did this.  Today is the first time I drove my car.  I totally forgot about installing the carseat.  While on my way to pick up Britt I had to brake hard and Michelle & the carseat banged hard into the back of my seat.  I was just a few blocks away from my pedi so I buckled the seat up the best I could without moving Michelle and drove to the pedi... the nurse came out to look over one of the drs to look too.  She's fine...she didnt cry when it happen & no mark on her head or anywhere else.  And then the nurse let me cry hard on her shoulder.

From now on anyone who uses my carseat is to put on the porch....never just set in my car.

I'm still sick over this.

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Re: you can flame me for my stupid mistake!

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    It was a mistake and thank goodness nothing worse happened. We used to use a convertible carseat (it turned into a stroller) that had to be strapped in each time we drove (the seatbelt went over DS's lap). I can't tell you how many times I forgot to strap the freaking thing in. I must have pulled over a block from our house at least five times to strap the seat in, cursing myself out every time. I hated that thing for that reason and I felt like the biggest incompetent mother on the face of the earth. It was a huge relief when we got our Britax Marathon and I no longer had to remember to strap the car seat in each time.

    It's over, you didn't mean it, and she's okay. Try not to beat yourself up too much. (((hugs)))

    Alex (11/14/06) and Nate (5/25/10)
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    I did something similar once, clicked in the infant seat but forgot to buckle Kate into it. ?So scary. ?I freaked out when i realized my mistake. ?

    Michelle is fine. ?And now you'll always be crazy careful to double check the seat. ?(((hugs)))?

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    I think something like this has happened to everyone at some point.  Several years ago I took my niece to the store, borrowed my sisters car that had the carseat.  Thought all was well until the first turn when the carseat went flying.  Turns out my nieces dad had borrowed the seat but didn't install it, just set it in.  Oops!  Thankfully I realized literally within sight of my house.

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    Ooo! Hugs! It was an accident, don't worry... FWIW- I'd be sick about it too....
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    It was a mistake. Don't beat yourself up about it. I know it's hard not to, but it's an honest mistake.  I'm glad Michelle is okay.
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    I once put Stan in and didn't buckle him in. I  didn't realize until I got to the store, Boy did I feel bad.
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    My mom told me the carseat was loose in her car, so I went to check on it and the stupid thing wasn't even buckled in! I asked her how long it had been like that and she had no idea. Made me sick too. Ick!
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