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Any one cloth diapering their little ones or planning to? if so, I need your help! any local stores that you recommend and most importantly do you know of any stores that offer a class/workshop/review on CD? I feel like a need a class and the ladies over at CD board told me some stores offer classes!

Thanks a bunch!!!

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  • We use CDs, but we use a service (bundleofjoydiapers.com).  Sprout Soup in Clintonville might have classes - they have all the supplies.

    I know there is also a website where they will send you samples of different types of CDs to try at a discount price.  You can then decide what kind you want to use and go from there.  Ask on the CD or Eco-Friendly board.  After Googling, I think it might be Jillian's Drawers, but I'm not sure.

  • We plan on using cloth diapers and I have a mom of four who cloth diapers. She has been my help on what to get, how many, and where. You can find some great deals on ebay. She said for me to get one size all in one cloth diapers. If you search for this you'll find great deals and adorable prints. She told me to get 24 diapers. Hope this helps.
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  • I'm new to cloth diapering (as in, first time mom of a baby who is not born yet). I took the class at Sprout Soup and was underwhelmed by the class itself (offered twice a month), but thought that the staff there was excellent and very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend going in.

    As for the specific types, I get the impression that many women use prefolds or fitted for the first couple of months and then move onto the one-size pockets or all-in-ones (if this doesn't make sense check out the FAQs on the cloth diapering board). My understanding is that unless you have a very big baby the one-size diapers aren't going to fit great for the newborn stage and you might have to deal with big blowouts. The typical recommendation I've seen is 24-36 diapers. 

    We decided to use prefolds for the first couple of months (until he outgrows them) with a few fitteds thrown in. I am concerned that the one-size won't fit right away and will be too bulky on him and I was able to get a newborn stash worth of prefolds for super cheap. We're planning on at least 3 kids, so we'll easily get our money's worth out of this. After the NB stage, we're going to be using pockets. I personally don't understand why you would use all-in-ones over pockets (although there are clearly advantages because plenty of people use them). Pockets function the same way, only you stuff them with inserts so you can control the amount of absorption you need. Plus they are cheaper. And as I understand, the pockets agitate out in the wash so it's not like you're pulling out dirty inserts. So, I guess the downside is that when you finish the laundry you have to stuff them. To me, that doesn't seem like a big deal.

    Anyway, good luck. I'm a little overwhelmed by everything, but have found the Bump's CD board to be very helpful. And definitely check out Sprout Soup - they were very helpful. 

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  • @ runninggal, thanks for your suggestions, googling I came across the sprout soup and plan on going to their class in Feb. I also found a series of videos on youtube called "cloth diapering 101" they were EXTREMELY helpful. I don't have anyone around me who is also CD so I have no one to turn to, and the Cd board here at the bump sometimes seems to expert for me, sometimes I don't understand what they are talking about. But so far I have gathered that for new borns kissaluvs size 0 are the best, I just don't know if I want to spend that much money for just a couple month, and what if my baby is a big boy too. Where did you get your prefolds from? the sprout soup is having a swap starting on the 18th I hear is a great way to buy gently used ones. It is overwhelming but I determined to CD!
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