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I fear we may be heading down the ear tubes root with DD. We're on our third ear infection since Christmas and third antibiotic. No one is sure if it is the same infection or if it has been 3 individual events but the first time was a single ear infection, then double and now single again. Regardless, I am giving the new antibiotic (omnicef) a chance and then may be looking into an ENT. I love and trust our pedi but having crappy ENT issues myself I don't want to mess with this. Any rec's on doctors who have seen your kids. Thanks!

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  • Andrew goes to Rhonda Hamaker.  Love her. At St Vincent on 8402 Harcourt Rd. 

    Tubes/Adenoidectomy was the best decision we've made in a long time.

  • Kathy - thanks for responding! I remember reading on FB about Andrew's recurrent ear infections. I know we're early in this game but Alex's eating has declined SIGNIFICANTLY in the last several weeks and that has me the most concerned. Today she had a few bites of oatmeal, one sippy cup of regular milk, an 8 oz protein shake, a string cheese and for dinner, one bite of PB&J. She won't even eat her favorites. At least today she drank but most days that is a struggle too....
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  • We waited *far* too long IMO to see the ENT.  I didn't think anything of it because nobody said anything to us and he didn't have that many infections, just infections that never, ever went away.

    We switched pedis (another story) and the new one said it was a good idea.  As soon as we saw ENT they did the xray (adenoids) and recommended both surgeries immediately.

    It never hurts to be seen (if you can get the referral) and  you can always decide with the doctor that it's too soon.  (Kelli did this, then Rowan got more infections, so they scheduled the surgery and were a step ahead because they'd already seen the doctor...which takes a long time to get in.)

    Our big concern with Andrew was he basically stopped eating. I mean he'd eat but would not feel himself and it took MAJOR coaxing.  Not to mention all of the antibitiocs he was on.  Sheesh.

    If you can at least schedule the appt now I would.  I took a long time to get in but honestly I can't remember exactly how long.  I have a terrible memory.You can always cancel the appt!

    Hang in there!



  • Thanks for the pep talk Kathy, I really appreciate! We see Dr. E next Friday but I went ahead and emailed him for his thoughts. For some reason we go to him for general baby advice (as if he is an expert on everything, lol). I don't want to step on the toes of our pedi but almost anytime I want something done I have to find someone to deal with it. i.e.. Alex had a weird rash on her face and I took her multiple times to the peds office and they just kept throwing more cream at it. Finally I found a dermatologist and he had it gone in less than 2 days. Maybe I'll at least call and see what the timeline is. With A in daycare she is going to be exposed to non stop colds, etc.
  • Great idea.

    No worries - I actually called Dr E about the same thing!  He was all gung ho about Andrew getting surgery ASAP.  Because of the major feeding issues we also started OT at the same time (and ST for speech) and he said we were doing all the right things. 

    I hope he gives you some direction!

    Do you mind me asking why you are seeing Dr E?  

    We go back in April....I can't wait.  I really like him and I'm anxious to hear what he says about some things.  He doesn't want to see Andrew sooner if he's gaining weight. He lost 1 lb in Dec, but since recovering from surgery gained 2 lbs in 3 weeks. :) 


  • Dr Dugan in Noblesville is wonderful!
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