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Lauren re: weddings with a newborn

Ryan is the best man in a wedding July 9.  At the most, we'll have a 2m old, but probably closer to 6w or younger.

How did you handle the wedding when Ella was so little?   Did you take her with you?

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Re: Lauren re: weddings with a newborn

  • Ugh, it was really hard.

    With wedding #1, Ella was just shy of 4w. She "walked down the aisle" with me (screaming), and then I handed her off to an aunt at the head of the aisle, who then took her out back.

    At the reception I had her in the infant seat on the floor next to me at the head table. I nursed her at the head table (nice, no?) and in the bathroom multiple times that night.


    With wedding #2, she was about 9w. She hung out with another aunt during the ceremony, and then in her infant seat at the head table at the reception. Ditto the frequent nursing.

    At both weddings she rode in the party bus with us between wedding and reception. It was awful.


    What was hardest at the first one is that she was taking neither bottles nor pacifiers yet. My best advice is to hope that your baby is taking some sort of soothing mechanism other than your boob at that point. It would have made life so much easier for me!


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  • :::butting in::::

    Elliott was 6w when I was MOH in my sister's wedding.  And if you remember, I was very sick (like hospitalized and almost dead sick) the week before.  So my mom went into overprotective mode and called a good family friend and made sure that she would be at my side the entire time.  I never held the boy the entire time.  When our friend (actually Jonah's first babysitter, she's like fam to us) didn't have him, one of my aunts had him.  He slept the entire time, and just looked adorable in his sailor suit and knee socks.

    So it doesn't have to be awful.  Just make sure you make a plan and have somebody reliable who can help you(i.e.won't run off when the reception starts).  There was NO WAY DH and I (or even my mom and dad) could have taken care of him all day.  I was very grateful that my mom was looking out for me.  Our friend's 2 daughters (9 and 11yrs) helped SO MUCH with Jonah, too.  He was very mobile, and they were under strict orders to not let him out of their sight.  I was blessed with lots of very dependable help!


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  • Thanks ladies! 
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