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How was your weekend?

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  • Our weekend ended up being so fun! Friday night we just hung out- which was much needed!

    Saturday night we went to dinner with all the people from B's work- the daycare center where we both worked before LO was born, but I haven't really seen a lot of the people from there since then. It was so fun! Then we went to some country dive bar and wow, that was an experience! It was great because they all know we're together, but we've never gotten to hang out with everyone as a couple before (strange, but its just never happened!) 

    Sunday we went to Chuck E Cheese for my nephew's 2nd birthday- that was fun with a hangover! lol! We ended up having a great time though.

    The whole weekend was just what I needed to get out of my bad mood.


  • It was too short! But good overall.  C ended up having to work allll day Saturday, and of course I hadn't really planned much for Henry and I.  We ended up getting to go out to lunch with my dad, though, which was really nice.  C got home too late for BRU, so we just had a quiet night in.

    Sunday we had a nice lunch with Jean and Kerri, who are both great! Then we went to BRU, which was only partly successful, and I spent much of the evening choosing and ordering our convertible carseat online - making big puchase decsions like that is so annoying.  Then of course we (mostly C) rooted on the Steelers.

    Now I'm facing another week of very long days alone with Henry, wondering when April 15 will come!

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  • This weekend went by fast!

    Saturday we ended up going out to breakfast with the IL's before deciding to put off our floor refinishing project for another 2 weeks.  After breakfast J and I went to Ikea to pick up a swing for A and a new crib bedding set, I of course forgot to get the matching bumper and sheet.  We stopped at Home Depot on the the way home to pick up some orange spray paint.  Once home I started painting an armoire we were given and helped J hang A's swing.  We went to the IL's in the evening to watch the UFC Fight for Our Troops.  Home and bed after the fight.

    Sunday we had to get up early to drive to our first foster recertification training class.  The class went well, it was more interactive than informative.  We met another lesbian couple in the class who we exchanged numbers with.  Their children are adorable!  I also spoke with the agency director about not getting more calls for placements, foster and adoptive, and was told to call the adoptions manager to make sure our name is out there.  I dropped J off at work when class was over and worked on the armoire again.  I got a few chores done and then had to pick J up from work.

  • Friday- we saw my sister in 'Nine'.  It was breathtaking.  I can't help myself, I cry and cry and cry every time she sings.  She is amazing.  

    Saturday - We visited my father-in-law and opened our joint accounts!  Finally!! We were already functioning out of one account but our check were deposited into different banks so there was a lot of unnecessary re-depositing going on.  I am SOO happy we are finally in one account.  When we got home our adoption application had arrived (YAY!!) and so we filled it out and went out to celebrate!  

    Sunday - we had lunch with Mrs. F, C, and little Henry (who is the most handsome, happy little boy I have ever met!)  It was really fun meeting with them (Hi Brit!) and getting to know one another.  So wild that we live within a few miles of each other!  We really had a great time!  After lunch we went food shopping.  By the time we got home I was so exhausted that I took a 2.5 hour nap (which is totally unlike me..fingers crossed..) and woke up to a sparkling clean home, dinner and football!  

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  • Friday: I got pink eye. Oh the joy.  So i ventured out in the snowstorm to get an rx before I spread it to the rest of the family.

    Saturday: had our first playdate in the playroom (dont worry, i was on antibiotics for more than 24 hours and no longer contagious) which was a ton of fun.

    Sunday: Church was crazy.  I was actually planning on sitting in on the service but for some reason all the kids in the baby room were hysterical and/or acting up so I stayed to help the other teachers wrangle kids and shush tears.  After we visited with my parents and headed home for a nap that never really happened (oh pacifier, how i miss you!).  Then we took a brief trip to the library and had a quiet night at home helping Sprout with homework and getting Daisy all packed up for daycare.

  • Friday - met L and the kids for dinner after getting my oil changed.

    Sat - L didn't feel well, so I took the kids to their ice skating lesson (sad when it is WARM in the ice rink.) We picked up my friend from elementary school and her husband at the airport, went to lunch, and then to the Maryland Science Museum. It was an odd visit since she really doesn't like kids, is clinically depressed, is stuck in high school, and had we met now, we never would be friends (although she doesn't think that.) I was happy to drop them back off at their rental car and head home. We spent the evening with ordered pizza and playing Wii.

    Sun - We missed church again. The kids were up at 5:30 (ugh) and we loafed around all morning,watching tv and playing Wii. We finally got going and went to brunch (the kids eat much better when you forget to feed them breakfast :oops: ) and then to get their new books that they earned in the "Sleep in Your Own Damn Bed Campaign." L wanted to go ice skating with the kids, so we went to open skate and went around the rink 1x. Decided to drive to Wegmans thinking that the kids would nap in the such luck. They didn't nap on the way home either, so they were in bed by 7pm. L watched Inception while I surfed the internet and read a magazine. I was asleep by 9:30.
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  • Friday was a snow day so we just hunkered in for the day/night.

    Sat I tutored in the morning and then we went to NH for my niece's birthday party.  It was vey casual so it was just some food and hanging out.  E was in a fabulous mood and it was great to see her hanging out with her cousins.  She was so sad when they all when snow shoeing and she couldn't go with them.  We hung out until bedtime at my inlaws.  It was fun.

    Sunday We hung out in our pjs most of the day.  After nap we went to whole foods to pick up some stuff.  It was a mad house.  One would think they where giving food away.  We made it out alive and watched football (no fun with the pats out) and I corrected a large stack of papers.  Grades are due tomorrow I am kind of screwed.

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  • Friday: Ky had a 6 month pedi appointment. 15 lbs and 26 inches! She did not even cry until they were half way done administering shot number 2...and even then it was over by the time I picked her up off of the exam table. Then we went to lunch with Ann. After lunch Ky and I went home and took a nap! Two hours was so nice to snuggle in bed with my baby! Ann got off early from work and a long awaited refund check came in so we went shopping! Ky got cases of diaper and wipes, two convertible car seats, some formula, a few clothes, and a new toy. We got an xbox kinect...a nice balance of practical and splurge.

    Saturday: Work for us! Ky and I got in just a few minutes before Ann. After we ate dinner we set up the new video game system and took turns playing. When Ky went to bed we both got to was very entertaining.

    Sunday: I got up early with Ky and after our breakfast we put away all of her new stuff and packed up some too small stuff that has been shoved in her drawer. During her nap I installed one of the new car much fun in the barely double digit weather! The other one will have to wait I suppose. Ann got up around the same time as Ky and we all had lunch.  We gave Ky a banana in the mesh feeder thing. She had it EVERYWHERE. Ann took baby bath duty while I cleaned the kitchen and high chair.  Then it was time for the Packers to STOMP the Bears!!! Ky went to bed early thanks to her earlier than normal wake-up and Ann and I vegged in front of the tv until we decided to call it a night.

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  • Fri: Picked up a tired no-napping kiddo from daycare. Home for dinner, a quick trip to the store and back home for bedtime that could not come soon enough.

    Sat: Swim lessons in the morning for DD, a failed nap attempt in the afternoon that turned into a maybe 20 minute nap in the car on the way to picking up my GF before we went to the children's theatre. Indifferent Somehow DD rallied and made it thru the play and Thai food afterwards without too much difficulty and she had a late bedtime after all that.

    Sun: DD slept in until 8:30 (ahhh). DD and I got up and made pancakes while my GF got some much needed sleep. Soon we were all up and made a trip to the aquarium which DD really enjoyed followed by dinner nearby and home for an early bedtime for DD.

  • As predicted: pretty much nothing. We had to be out of the house from 11-5 on Saturday and 12-3 on Sunday for showings, so both days we cleaned a bit in the morning, then headed out for movies and lunch. We saw True Grit on Saturday (so good) and No Strings Attached on Sunday (Natalie Portman and the women who play her friends are great; the movie itself is eh). We were both sick and pretty whiny about having to be out of the house in the 20 degree weather when we wanted to be at home in jammies. Besides that, we watched a bunch of episodes of Torchwood and ate crappy delicious food (buffalo chicken fingers, loaded mashed potatoes, toffee coffee cupcakes...). 

    Someone made an offer on the house - four days on the market. Cross your fingers that someone bought it as a rental property investment and we don't have to move!  

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