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OMG she won't take her bottle!

I've tried to give the kiddo a bottle her last two feedings and it's like she refuses to swallow!!!!

Shed been doing great with a bottle. We'd been giving them to her randomly and two weekends ago she had bottles the whole time when I was oot. No problems.

 I'll admit she hadn't had one in four days or so but should it have been this big of an issue?!?

She needs to like her bottles again by wed because that's when I'm going back to work!!!! WTF do I do?

I was going to try and bottle feed all her feedings tomorrow and Tuesday that SIL will give her and BF the ones that I will still be doing.

Other suggestions?! We've tried multiple bottles till we found ones she liked.


Re: OMG she won't take her bottle!

  • Both times she was already a little worked up so maybe she just wanted me? She's usually very calm and sweet baby until around 4:30 and she gets super cranky. That's when I tried the first one today. Maybe she just wanted me?!?
  • I'll bet she just wanted you. Try again tomorrow. Or have DH try, in case she is perhaps not feeling well and wants you when she smells you.

    A 4 day break shouldn't be a big deal...but I don't know. Maybe she decided she doesn't like the bottles you are using? 

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  • Don't worry so much. It's really common for babies to refuse bottles from mom if they are BFing too. Why take the old stuff in the bottle when the tap is staring in your face? Smart baby! Let other people try giving her a bottle when you are out of the house.

    - Jena
  • Let someone else give the bottle and you leave the room.  To this day I have yet to give my LO a bottle and we are almost 7 months into this.  If for some reason she has to get a bottle while I am home my DH gives it to her and I leave the room.  If I do not leave she will just stare at me.  One weird thing is, she will not take a bottle from my mom unless my mom has my clothes on...

  • Ditto the others, Cooper would not take a bottle from me until he was much much older.  Then he went through a phase where he always wanted a bottle during the day so he could sit facing out and not miss anything while he ate.  I bet she'll be fine with your SIL. 
    My big boy is bounding towards 4! Baby brother coming in October!
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  • Collin is the same way with bottles sometimes.  I go into Houston to work every other Friday, so DH stays with him and bottle feeds him on those days. 

    It always takes him a little while to get him to take the bottle, so he always tries to start feeding him before he starts crying so he won't get so worked up.

    I tried feeding him one the other day and he would not take it from me very well.  DH can do it no problem, so I'm sure she just wanted you and was too worked up.

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    Collin Thayne 10.11.2010
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