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Nail polish during labor?

I have had surgery a few times and know that you cannot wear nail polish on your toes, but even though labor isn't surgery I'm wondering if the same thing is true?

This sounds like a silly question but I was planning to have everyone "done" before I have to let it all go!

Re: Nail polish during labor?

  • I had a c/s with a nice new pedicure and no problem.
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  • I've had several surgeries and have never been told no polish on our toes. Also 2 c-sections (1 emergency so even if it were a problem they wouldn't have timet o do anything) and never been told no toe nail polish. For my surgeries I was told before hand no finger nail polish as they can't get the little O2 monitors to work right that way.
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  • I got a pedicure a few days before I went into labor. It's not a problem.

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  • I had toe nail polish on. And they didn't make me remove it.

    I actually had my toes painted for in-out patient surgery and they didn't make me take my polish off then. I actually had socks on and I don't think they even looked at my feet. 




  • My nail polish was chipped on my toes and I wish I had touched it up. I had a vaginal delivery and no one said anything so I'm sure it's fine.
  • I painted my finger and toenails a few days before my induction. I was glad that I did!
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