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Got a letter from idea what it means

I got a letter from Tricare saying

HMHS has authorized your referral for the following specialist or service:

Beaufort Naval Hospital Gynecology       Obstetrics-Maternity
Beaufort Memorial Hospital                Office visits Authorized: 18

Referral expiration date 11/10/2011             


I never requested this and my doctor never mentioned on Prime, and since our hospital has a OB i shouldnt need to go out in town...idk im confused


Re: Got a letter from idea what it means

  • The best bet is to call them and ask why you received it.  Where I'm stationed I have to get a referral to go off base because our clinic doesn't have an OB/GYN section.  That's weird you got a referral when you didn't request and your dr never said anything.  I hope you get it figured out.
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  • It means that you were referred off base to an OB at Beauford Memorial Hospital. Since you are on Prime, you will not have to pay any co-pays or anything- it's just like being seen at the base.

    Your base hospital may have an OB, but they didn't have availability with that OB to meet the access to care standards, which is why you were sent off base for care. The base hospital OB had nothing to do with this choice- it's the Tricare reps/booking cell consult reviewers that make the decision. They looked at the number of people currently assigned on base, and decided that you could not be reasonably seen throughout your pregnancy on base.

    Make sure that you contact the OB clinic at Beauford Memorial Hospital in the next week or so to book your first appointment; consults off base/post generally expire in within 30 days if an appointment is not booked- meaning you would have to get another consult placed for care.

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  • I had an appointment today at the Naval Hospital and I brought the letter and asked our tricare office, the lady said that it is for when I have to deliver, its just a letter letting me know that when I do have to deliver it will be at the BMH and if anything happens baby related and I have to be seen at that hospital I'm covered. =] thanks for your help though.
  • Awesome, glad everything is sorted out!
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