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What are you doing this weekend?

What are you going to do?
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Re: What are you doing this weekend?

  • Tonight: groceries and hanging out with my kiddo.

    Saturday: swim lessons for DD in the morning. My GF is coming over that afternoon to spend the rest of the weekend with us and we are taking DD to the local children's theatre to see Go, Dog. Go!

    Sunday: hopefully we will take DD to the aquarium and then spend time hanging out at home.

  • We have another snow day today!! 1 holiday and 2 snow days in one week, sounds like a wonderful work week to me!!

     Today - K is alternating making chili and shoveling.  I am 'working' (hard, can't you tell?) at the dining room table with one of our cats on my lap.  My little brother is on her way over so I can work on his resume and tonight we are going into Boston to the theater to see my fabulous sister in 'Nine'. 

    Tomorrow - we may head up to Western Mass to visit friends in Northampton and go to a women's college bball game.  It is still up in the air.  I got new tires yesterday (Love them!!) and so a mini road trip, in a beautiful winter wonderland, to break them in seems like a good idea!

    Sunday - we are meeting Mrs. F, the accountant, and their adorable lil boy 'H' for lunch at an Irish pub in our town.  Then watching football...and crying over the Patriots.. 

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  • My Jr High Bestie is coming to visit so we will prolly stay in tonight for dinner Spinach and Goat cheese enchiladas and catch up.

     SAT:  there will be a roulette table in our future and prolly Breakfast at Hash House -A GO GO ( the best breakfast In Vegas) I am sure she will do some shopping and then dinner somewhere fancy not sure yet  but  a bday celebration for Wife

    SUN- Breakfast somehwere ( just so much easier than cooking ) and biding them fair well  :(  

    and On Monday Wife starts school !!!!

    It will be a busy one - I hope my pregnant ass can keep up !

    Just 12 weeks as of yesterday and boy do I have indigestion like no other - I am burping better than some frat boys ! I really cant control this !


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  • I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I don't know of any definite plans. my wife is working overtime both nights, so she'll be sleeping days and I'll be on my own at night. I've got some photos I want to play with and I want to get a book of Monkey photos together for months 7-12 (I did one already for 0-6), so I might start working on it. plus I still need to catch up on my blog with the photo project I did last year, so there's that. I got a new macro lens, too, so I may take the boy to the conservatory (again, I just took him on Monday since I was off work) and play with my camera. we'll see.
  • Today I am home on a snow day.  I am enjoying my day with my girls but I am dreading making up the days in June.  We were supposed to go have pizza at a friends house tonight.  I don't know if that is still happening.

    Tommorrow I am tutoring in the am then going to nh for our nieces birthday.

    Sunday I have so much work to do so I will be working my tail off I am sure.  We may watch football but it might still be too painful.  We don't mention the P word right now.

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  • Tonight - I don't know. We might go to dinner or I might go home and take a bath and lie in bed. I fell on the ice this morning and my entire body hurts. I do need to get my oil changed though.

    Tomorrow - L is either working on work stuff or working on school stuff.  I am taking the kids to their ice skating lesson and then we are heading to B'more to pick up my best friend from elementary school and her husband from the airport and go to the Science Museum. We are skipping the kids' nap, so hopefully, we'll have an easy/early bedtime.

    Sunday - church (since we haven't been in forever), lunch, perhaps some errands, and hanging out at home. It is supposed to be friggid. :(

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  • Tonight, leftovers for dinner, staying home.

    Tomorrow, C will work for most of the day, not sure what Henry and I are going to do yet.  Might do a family trip to BRU when C gets home.  Henry is already getting too big for his infant carseat, even though its supposed to go to 32 lbs (which is not), and I'd like to look at umbrella strollers.

    Sunday, lunch with Jean & Kerri! So funny that we are practically neighbors!

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  • Tonight we are going to stay home and stay warm (it is COLD here!). Kel was in trial all week and just got a favorable verdict so maybe I will make a celebratory dinner.

    Tomorrow we have ECFE (parent/baby class) in the morning and friends coming over for dinner, so there will have to be a lot of cleaning in the middle.

    No set plans for Sunday. Probably sleep in if Eli cooperates and then over to the in-laws for a bit. 


  • We're both sick, so basically, nothing.

    They're supposed to come plaster our bedroom tomorrow and paint it on Sunday. Ehhh. Not in the mood to deal with moving furniture or having people in our space.

    This whole landlord-selling-the-house thing is a pain in my rear. I worked from home yesterday and first the landlord and handyman showed up, then some guy from the reality company came to drop off flyers (and didn't even knock! just assumed no one was home and walked in!), then the guy came to put the sign up in the yard, etc. And we have to make sure the house is ready for walk-throughs every morning before work b/c we (stupidly) agreed to 2-hour notice, and obviously can't run home from work every time someone is going to come through.

    Anyway, I digress :) We have no plans.  

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  • image leapgirl8:

    We're both sick, so basically, nothing.

    Us, too, here.

    K had to work this morning, I'm at work now, then we have our first Ballroom & Swing class at the college. Looking forward to it, although I doubt either of us will make it all the way the three-hour class.

    Tomorrow: I work, K doesn't. I don't think we actually have plans for tomorrow night. I guess we'll probly be staying in, testing out our new dance moves or new cold medicine. Maybe both.

    Sunday: Not much. Classes just started again this week, and we are both still trying to get into the swing of things.

    We had a GREAT time on our vacation, and I'll be posting pix next week on Th.

    Have a great weekend, all!

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  • Our good friend is flying in from AZ to visit & help us unpack after our move into our new place. We are also celebrating my & DW's birthday by having dinner at a Thai place where the servers are all drag queens! :)
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  • Today: I dropped A off at school before J and I went out for breakfast, then we went to the wrecking yard with FIL to find rims/tires for our car whihc proved to be unsuccessful.  We picked A up from school and hung out at the IL's for awhile.  When we finally made it home I worked on the cloth wipes I started yesterday while J watched TV and A played with one of the cats.  After dinner we dropped A off at her Dads house for the weekend (I already miss her).  We were thinking about going to the movies tonight but we came home instead.

    Saturday: We are planning to sand the wood floors in the dining room and stain/seal them but we'll see how we feel about all that work in the morning.  I would like to go to Ikea to get a new crib set and a swing for A.  We acquired an old armoire from J's sister and I would like to get a coat of paint on it, I think I'm going to use that for the cloth diapers instead of the dresser we already refinished.

    Sunday: We have a foster training class in the morning and J has to go to work after.  I will probably hang out with the chickens in the garden and read a book.  A comes home in the evening :o)

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